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NH GOP - Only 14 Days Left to NH Senate District 16 Election!

Only 14 days to go and we need your help!

On February 16 voters will go to the polls to elect a new State Senator for the Towns of Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett and Manchester wards 1, 2 and 12.

We need your help to elect David Boutin to the State Senate.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Make phone calls at the party or be a part of our phone from home program and let the people know to vote for Dave on February 16.
  2. Go Door to Door to spread the word about this important election.

  3. Volunteer on Election Day.

  4. Donate Today and help us get our message out.

If you can help with any/all of these activities contact the State Party at (603) 225-9341 or email BJ Perry.

Help us Clean up Concord by Electing David Boutin on Tuesday, February 16!


CAACP - NH Conservatives Meet 2/20 Grand View Inn

* The Fabulous Grand View Inn & Resort on Mount Monadnock *

            3 - 5 PM Meet: Cocktail's, Appetizers, Food available & more.
                                 5 - 11 PM : Live Music & Dancing


ALG Blasts Reid for Breaking Vow "Not to Rush into Anything" without Seating Scott Brown 

"Washington may be dumbfounded that Reid would lie about ramming

important pieces of legislation and nominees through without seating Brown,

but there is so little accountability in the nation's capital it's not at all surprising."

—ALG President Bill Wilson.

February 2nd, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today strongly criticized Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for continuing to hold important votes prior to Senator-elect Scott Brown's seating despite a pledge "not to rush into anything."

"Anything means everything, not just health care," said Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson.  "Since Scott Brown's overwhelming election, Senate Majority Leader Reid has scheduled and won votes that may have been contested or even blocked had Brown been seated."

Scott Brown was elected to the open Massachusetts Senate seat on January 19th. But Reid has refused to seat the Senator-elect until February 11th

 "The people of Massachusetts elected Scott Brown to be the 41st vote against any and all controversial items as necessary, not just health care, and they're already being deprived of their due representation," Wilson said.

"Reid lied, there's no simpler way of putting it," Wilson added, pointing to Reid's pledge after the Brown election: "We're not going to rush into anything," as reported by Politico.

Since then, the Senate has voted to raise the debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion, confirmed Ben Bernanke to a second term as Fed Chair, invoked cloture on Patricia Smith for Solicitor of Labor, "and now is moving to get Craig Becker onto the National Labor Relations Board," Wilson noted.

Today, the Senate HELP Committee is set to hold a hearing at 4PM on Barack Obama's nominee for the National Labor Relations Board, Craig Becker.  Source familiar with the process suggest that a vote could come as early as Thursday, and a floor vote on Saturday or Monday.

Americans for Limited Government is distributing a background on Becker at the hearing, and Wilson urged the Senate not to hold the final vote before Brown is seated.

Wilson said that "merely having Brown seated would have defeated the debt ceiling increase and Patricia Smith because no Republicans supported those two, and Senate Democrats would not have had 60 votes needed for passage.  If Brown had been seated, it is highly likely Reid would not have even brought those items to the floor."

Wilson added that "clearly indicates that the Majority Leader is attempting to rush through as much as he possibly can get away with prior to Brown's seating, despite his vow not to.  He is thumbing his nose at the American people.  It's disgusting."

In the meantime, Reid chastised Senate Republicans for requiring cloture votes on several Obama nominees, as reported by Politico.  "Republican senators refuse to let this body hold a vote on the highly capable people the President has asked to serve in those roles," said Reid.

Wilson said Reid was "misleading the American people yet again.  Reid can schedule these cloture votes any time he wants.  It's his problem if he can't keep all his ducks in a row to vote for them.  Senate Republicans are under no obligation to vote for them.

"Blocking unqualified, radical appointments is the job of the Senate.  Those Senators that have delayed or blocked these nominations are heroes," Wilson declared, adding, "No nominee is entitled to Senate consent on the mere basis of having been nominated."

Wilson said that "Reid's latest complaint shows once again that he is in a rush to get everything through.  What more proof does anyone need?"

Wilson said Reid knows everything will change when Brown is seated, "and in the meantime is attempting to paint a misleading portrait of obstructionism, when quite the opposite is true."

"Washington may be dumbfounded that Reid would lie about ramming important pieces of legislation and nominees through without seating Brown, but there is so little accountability in the nation's capital it's not at all surprising.

"These items would not have passed had Brown been seated, and there will be even more next week," Wilson said, concluding, "which robs the people of Massachusetts their due representation on these critical issues facing the nation."



NetRight Daily: Today's Top News on NRN 

ObamaNet:  The Coming Online Censorship:  Perhaps the Obama administration and Democratic majority overestimated their ability to sell the American people on proposed radical changes to our political and economic systems, as the federal health care takeover has ground to a near halt, and an increasing number of administration officials are being exposed for far-left statists with a sinister, unconstitutional agenda.

Virginia Senate Passes Ban on Health Care Mandates:  Want to know how unpopular Health Care mandates are? All you need to do is look at Virginia. The Senate of Virginia passed a ban on insurance mandates on Monday. And, the Senate is controlled by Democrats. Think anyone in D.C. is paying attention to this?

Cloture Votes, Filibusters, and Bullying the Senate:  Since Barack Obama took office on January 20th, 2009, Senate Republicans have sustained one, single, solitary filibuster against his agenda. Just one. That's out of nearly 3,000 Senate bills introduced since Obama took the oath of office.

Obama Gets Free Pass On Empty Commitment to Nuclear Power:  President Obama is now moving aggressively to promote the use of nuclear power by way of boosting the number of loan guarantees for new projects, that is to say if an article following up on his State of the Union comments is to be believed.

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CHQ - Tea Party Opposes Another Back Room GOP Deal in Ohio Primary

Tea Party protestors pan GOP Party picks in Ohio
Columbus Dispatch - National races may draw the most buzz from the pundit class, but Tea Party members across the country pay close attention to state and local races as well - and here's a look at how grassroots conservatives in Ohio aren't happy with what they perceive as a backroom deal (made by the leaders of the Ohio GOP) that will deny them their favored candidate for the Ohio Attorney General's race.  

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Daily Lickskillet You've got to be kidding me!
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Do we (conservatives) have what it takes?
American Thinker  - Vasko Kohlmayer poses an interesting question for conservatives to ponder:  now that it looks like we're going to be given the chance to lead (based on electoral trends), will we have what it takes once we get it?  Kohlmayer uses the health care debate as an example of the dilemma, arguing that no elected conservative has come forward to propose the best solution to the issue:  getting government's hands off the health care industry entirely.  Kohlmayer reasons if we don't have the guts to stand up when we're not in power, then who will lead when we truly get the chance? 

Sarah Palin endorses Rand Paul in Kentucky
Rand Paul 2010 - For those who think Rand Paul may be too far outside the conservative mainstream to deserve a vote - apparently Sarah Palin doesn't think so, as she's announced her endorsement of Paul in his attempt to win Kentucky's GOP U.S. Senate nomination.  Palin followed-up the endorsement with a generous PAC donation to Paul's campaign as well. 

Inspired by Scott Brown, GOP Candidates Emerge From Woodwork
Fox News - Scott Brown's shocking Senate victory in Massachusetts is having its consequences nationwide, as Republicans are emerging in many spots to run for office - even in areas once considered 'safe' Democratic territory.  It's being called the 'Scott Brown effect,' emboldening conservatives and Republicans to enter politics to try and upset the status quo, reform government and fight the disastrous policies of Pres. Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress. 

Twilight of the Blue Dogs?
American Spectator - 'Conservative' Democrats (sometimes known as Blue Dogs) are concerned for their electoral well-being as the conservative movement re-emerges, and here's a look at how two conservatives running against their Blue Dog congressman in North Carolina's 8th district are saying that merely voting against Obamacare and cap and trade will not be enough to save him.  The trouble with Blue Dogs - they're not really principled conservatives, and the voters are taking notice. 

Let's help Marco Rubio finish off Charlie Crist - Like all conservatives, Erick Erickson is happy that polls are showing conservative favorite Marco Rubio is surging ahead of RINO Gov. Charlie Crist in their race for Florida's GOP U.S. Senate nomination - but Erickson says now is not the time to get complacent.  Erickson also suggests a way to help Rubio keep the heat on Crist.
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