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NH DHHS - WIC Nutrition Program Offers Advice on Healthy Eating for Children

Concord, NH – Summer in New Hampshire offers an abundance of healthy eating options with many fresh fruits and vegetables. The WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Nutrition Program, a public health nutrition program serving more than 10,000 families in New Hampshire and more than nine million families nationally, wants to encourage WIC families, and everyone, to eat healthy to help reduce overweight and obesity and many related health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.


“In New Hampshire, we are seeing rates of 33% of low-income children being either overweight or obese,” said Dr. José Montero, Director of the Division of Public Health Services at DHHS. “These rates point to the need for parents to become healthy themselves and to be a good role model for their children through healthy eating and regular physical activity.”


The New Hampshire WIC Program offers the following tips to parents for healthy summer meals and snacks: · Take young children to a farmers' market and let them pick out a new fruit or vegetable to try. Pick fruits and vegetables that are in season at farmers' market to get the best price for your dollar. · At home, have your child help with the simple washing and cutting up of the fruits and vegetables selected at the farmers' market. They can easily help to wash fruits and vegetables, and arrange them on a plate or bowl.


  • Try a child-friendly recipe with fresh broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes, such as “Trees in a Forest.” Serve it with low-fat yogurt mixed with fresh herbs and honey.


  • Start planning to grow your own vegetables for next year. A large garden area is not necessary and vegetable seeds for simple plants such as carrots and lettuce can be started in the house and then moved to outside areas.


  • Make mealtime a family time. Try to have at least one meal a day together. Eating meals as a family can improve your child’s food habits as children tend to eat more fruits, vegetables, and dairy foods at meals shared with their parents.


  • Get the family involved in meal planning and preparation. Your kitchen can be a place for children to learn. Give children simple tasks to help with family shopping, preparation, and cleanup. They are more likely to eat foods that they have helped prepare.


  • Call WIC and ask about the new food packages coming in October. Starting in October, WIC families will receive new and nutritious foods, like fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods like bread, tortillas, oatmeal, and brown rice, low fat and skim milk, and canned beans. Fully breast-feeding mothers will receive canned tunafish and salmon, and infants 6 months and older will receive baby food fruits, vegetables, and meats. Ask the WIC nutritionist for recipes and snack ideas for young children.


 · Check out for information on my pyramid for preschoolers and learn how to help your preschooler eat well, be active, and be healthy.


For more information about the WIC Nutrition Program, contact the Department of Health and Human Services at 1-800-942-4321 or visit the DHHS website at WIC is an equal opportunity program.


NetRight Daily: Escalation of the Health Care War 

Fuzzy Health Care Math: According the U.S. Census Bureau's 2006 report, "Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States," 46.9 million people are uninsured in the U.S. There's only one problem with this statistic: approximately 31.85 million of them do not actually exist.

Senator Shaheen (D-NH), The Dodger: Watch this video of Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) blow off her constituents.

The Rise of the Obama Police State: "We don't want interacting," said the police officer, to the shock of the conservative activist holding the camera. She was in Baton Rouge, LA, filming a demonstration by ACORN in favor of Barack Obama's proposed government-run health care. And what she had just witnessed, as the officer led the offending man away who had dared speak to the activist, was nothing short of the disruption of free speech, of the press, and of the right to assemble—by the police.

WATCH: Rep. Steve King discusses how he and others are being censored in congress on the Health Care debate.

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ALG Condemns Pelosi and Hoyer for Calling Constituents "Un-American" 

"Voicing dissent to an out-of-control government Hell-bent

on taking over the nation's entire health care system is not

'un-American.' It every American's a patriotic duty."ALG President Bill Wilson.


August 10th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today condemned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer for "disgracefully labeling 'ObamaCare' opponents across the nation as 'un-American.'"


"This time, Pelosi and Hoyer have gone too far. This is a complete political meltdown," said Wilson.


"Voicing dissent to an out-of-control government Hell-bent on taking over the nation's entire health care system is not 'un-American.' It's every American's patriotic duty," Wilson added.


In the pages of USA Today, Pelosi and Hoyer wrote, "These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades."


"There is plenty of room on the national stage for the pros and the cons of government-run socialized medicine to be heard," said Wilson. "Nobody is being 'drowned out.' Instead, folks are hearing supporters and opponents and making up their own minds."


"Pelosi's problem is that the opponents are winning the argument," Wilson explained. "Nancy Pelosi has completely lost her mind. Going after Congress' own constituents? She has proven once again that the Botox has caused permanent brain damage."


According to Rasmussen Reports, just 32 percent of voters nationwide favor a single-payer health care system where the federal government provides coverage for everyone. 57 percent are opposed to a single-payer plan.


"The numbers against this abomination are overwhelming, there's no other way to put it," Wilson said. "Members of Congress should be listening to their constituents, not to tin-pot demagogues in San Francisco."


Pelosi and Hoyer's oped in USA Today, followed other controversial statements by Democratic members of the House. Congressman Steve Kagen said they're "uncivilized," and Congressman Baron Hill called them "political terrorists."


"These statements from members of Congress are simply beyond the pale," Wilson said.


"We have a reached a point in the political debate when it is clear that not only do members of Congress ignore their own constituents, they disdain the American people for opposing the government's continued command-and-control approach to running their lives," Wilson concluded.



CHQ - Democrats Unscripted? 

Democrats Mastered Scripting and Message Coordination
CHQ Blog - Democrats are trying their best to undermine the Town Hall Rebellion by painting grassroots activists as taking cues from "mysterious" groups in Washington. Of course, Democrats know what it is like to be talking from a script. has drafted a chart of how Democrats get their carefully crafted message from the White House to the activists. [see the chart here]


Daily Lickskillet: How does Congressman Dill feel about the Town Hall Rebellion? Read today's Lickskillet here to find out!

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NRSC - Federal Deficit Skyrockets After Hodes Supported Record Government Spending 

WASHINGTON – As U.S Representative Paul Hodes (D-NH) returns home for the August recess, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported today that the federal deficit in July 2009 increased by an additional $181 billion, leaving the country $1.3 trillion in debt.


Today’s non-partisan CBO report comes after Representative Hodes and his Democrat colleagues spent the last seven months voting for the massive $787 billion “stimulus” bill, the pork-laden omnibus bill, and President Obama’s budget proposal, which totaled over $4.6 trillion in government spending.


As The Hill noted today, “The latest deficit projections come as Democrats in Congress and the White House are pushing for healthcare reform criticized by Republicans as too costly.”


“As our country faces a massive $1.3 trillion debt and Paul Hodes is campaigning for the U.S. Senate, he certainly has a lot of explaining to do as to why he deserves any kind of promotion while he’s at home this month,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokeswoman Amber Wilkerson.


“Families and small businesses in New Hampshire are suffering while Hodes and his Democrat colleagues are racking up a growing national deficit using hard-earned taxpayer dollars. And now the Democrats want Americans to trust them to implement a government takeover of our health care system?” Wilkerson continued.


At the time of passage, Hodes said the $787 billion “stimulus” package would “reduce soaring unemployment.” Yet unemployment in New Hampshire reached 6.8 percent in June – up from 5.7 percent when the Democrats’ “stimulus” was passed in February 2009.


Background Information


Paul Hodes Voted In Favor Of The $787 Billion “Stimulus” Bill, Which Became Law. (H.R. 1, CQ Vote # 70: Adopted 246-183: R 0-176; D 246-7, 2/13/09, Hodes Voted Yea)


Hodes Said The “Stimulus” Would “Reduce Soaring Unemployment.” (Travis Andersen, “Hodes Says Stimulus Will Help,” The Nashua [NH] Telegraph, 1/27/09)


The Obama Administration Claimed The “Stimulus” Bill Would “Jumpstart Growth And Transform Our Economy.” (“American Recovery And Reinvestment Act: State-By-State Jobs Impact,” The White House, 2/13/09)


Tens Of Thousands Of New Hampshire Workers Are On Unemployment Months After Hodes Praised And Voted For The “Stimulus” Bill:


Unemployment In New Hampshire Was 5.7% When Hodes Voted For The So-Called “Stimulus” Bill In February. (United States Department Of Labor Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 7/9/09; H.R. 1, CQ Vote # 70: Adopted 246-183: R 0-176; D 246-7, 2/13/09, Hodes Voted Yea)


By May, New Hampshire’s Unemployment Rate Had Jumped To 6.5% And Over 48,000 Granite State Workers Were Unemployed. (United States Department Of Labor Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 7/11/09)


Reports Show New Hampshire’s Unemployment Reached 6.8% In June, Months After Hodes Voted For The “Stimulus” Bill He Claimed Would Reduce Unemployment. (United States Department Of Labor Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 7/17/09; H.R. 1, CQ Vote # 70: Adopted 246-183: R 0-176; D 246-7, 2/13/09, Hodes Voted Yea; Andersen, “Hodes Says Stimulus Will Help,” The Nashua [NH] Telegraph, 1/27/09)


Paul Hodes Voted In Favor Of The $410 Billion FY09 Omnibus Appropriation Bill. (H.R. 1105, CQ Vote #86: Passed 245-178: R 16-158; D 229-20, 4/25/09, Hodes Voted Yea)


“The Bill Includes An 8.5 Percent Across-The-Board Increase Over Last Year And Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Pet Projects.” (Trish Turner, “Senate Poised to Pass $410 Billion Spending Bill Tuesday,” Fox News, 3/9/09)


Taxpayers For Common Sense Identified More Than 8,500 Earmarks In The Omnibus Worth $7.7 Billion. “Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS) has been going through the omnibus to pull together a total number of earmarks and dollar amount. TCS found 8,570 disclosed earmarks worth $7.7 billion.” (Taxpayers For Common Sense Website,, Accessed 3/9/09)


Hodes Voted In Favor Of The Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Resolution. (H. Con. Res. 85, CQ Vote #192: Adopted 233-196: R 0-176; D 233-20, 4/2/09, Hodes Voted Yea)


This Budget Outline Provides For $3.5 Trillion In Spending. “Congress passed a $3.5 trillion budget outline for 2010, handing President Barack Obama a victory on the 100th day of his presidency and helping set the stage for a significant shift in national priorities.” (Naftali Bendavid and Greg Hitt, “Congress Clears $3.5 Trillion Budget,” Wall Street Journal, 4/30/09)


Obama’s Agenda “Would Force The Nation To Borrow Nearly $9.3 Trillion Over The Next 10 Years to fund the president’s priorities in health care, education and other areas, according to an analysis released Friday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.” (Lori Montgomery, “Obama To Pursue Budget Goals On Hill,” The Washington Post, 3/24/09)