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CHQ - Conservative Leaders to Senate: Obama Nominee Disqualified 

156 Leading Conservatives to Senate: Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Disqualified

Viguerie News Release - 156 conservative and constitutional cause leaders and citizens have signed a letter to members of the U.S. Senate expressing opposition to the confirmation of President Obama's nominee to be an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Sonia Sotomayor. "The media and Republicans aren't defining President Obama as an extremist politically and constitutionally; therefore, it is up to us conservatives. It is also important that a message be sent that, while Republicans may not be unified in opposing Obama's dangerous and unconstitutional agenda, conservatives and other constitutionalists are united," says Chairman Richard Viguerie, who is one of the signers of the letter. [read the release here]

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ALG Urges 7 Blue Dogs on Energy and Commerce To Reject Medicare "Rationing Board"

"It is up to Congress to stand up for seniors and Baby Boomers

whose health care coverage will be put at risk under the cruel

Obama plan to cut Medicare to pay for his welfare program...

Are seniors going to be consigned to 'Soylent Green Rationing

Rooms?'"—ALG President Bill Wilson.


July 23rd, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today called upon seven House Democrats that signed a Blue Dog Democrat coalition letter against proposed government-run socialized medicine legislation to "stand up for seniors and Baby Boomers whose health coverage will be put at risk under the cruel Obama plan to cut Medicare to pay for his welfare program."


House Democrats have claimed that their proposal will cut the growth of Medicare spending by $500 billion over ten years. At Wednesday night's news conference, Barack Obama elaborated on his plans to cut Medicare to pay for his overall plan by allowing an "independent group of doctors and medical experts" to determine how to cut the program tens of millions of seniors now depend on for medical care.


"What every single member of Congress needs to do is go home to their districts and tell those 65 years old and older, and those who soon will be, that the plan is take their health care away to pay for somebody else's," said Wilson. "And that's especially so for those Blue Dogs on Energy and Commerce who are being told by Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman to vote for the Medicare rationing board."


Today, a markup session of the House Energy and Commerce committee was again canceled because of opposition to the legislation by Blue Dog Democrats on the committee. The committee also canceled a markup session on Tuesday for the same reason.


"Henry Waxman doesn't have the votes yet on the committee," Wilson explained.


The committee is expected to meet again tomorrow to consider the proposal by the Obama Administration that, according to Politico, will "empower an outside body, like the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, to make binding recommendation for cost cuts in government-run health care programs."


Wilson said it is "not surprising" that according to James Carville's Democracy Corps polls, a full 54 percent of seniors now oppose the Obama nationalized health care plan. According to the poll conducted last month, 41 percent of seniors strongly oppose the Obama plan and only 14 percent strongly favor it.


"Senior citizens and Baby Boomers have figured out for themselves what the Obama plan is really all about—the government-imposed rationing of health care," said Wilson. "And they know what that means for those who are no longer considered 'productive citizens."


"As government health care under the Obama plan becomes more and more expensive and less and less available, are seniors going to be consigned to 'Soylent Green Rationing Rooms' where government technocrats insert the euthanasia needles?" Wilson asked.


"Seniors have some serious questions—and someone needs to answer them now," Wilson said.


On Tuesday, Barack Obama lobbied lawmakers on the Energy and Commerce committee to support what Wilson termed a "sick and twisted rationing board to help government reduce life expectancy to reduce medical costs paid on behalf of the elderly."


"The seven Blue Dogs on the House Energy and Commerce committee need not only be concerned about the unsustainable entitlement they will be creating with the so-called public 'option' but that they risk alienating Baby Boomers and senior citizens in their home districts," said Wilson.


According to The Hill, Congressman Ross, the Chairman of the Blue Dog Health Care Task Force, claims to have 10 House members on Energy and Commerce committee that can block the bill.


"Last time I checked, it took seven Democrats to stop a bill in Energy and Commerce," Ross said.


Wilson believes that the pressure on the House Blue Dog Democrats will be overwhelming. "Telling seniors that their care is going to be cut to pay for a foolish, unsustainable welfare program is an outright insult to the generation that defended this nation, brought about the fall of communism, and built America," Wilson concluded.



DSCC - Roll Call: Oh My, Ovide 

Roll Call: Oh My, Ovide

Shira Toeplitz 7/23/09


Former New Hampshire GOP gubernatorial nominee Ovide Lamontagne has tapped two consultants to help him explore a bid for Senate in the Granite State.


Lamontagne announced that he has hired Charlie Spies as strategic counsel for his potential campaign. Spies was most recently chief financial officer and counsel for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s (R) 2008 presidential campaign.


Lamontagne has also tapped Jim Merrill — his colleague at a New Hampshire law firm — to help him with his potential bid, according to a recent report in the New Hampshire Union Leader. Merrill, the managing director of Devine Strategies, ran Romney’s state operation in New Hampshire.


Not surprisingly, Lamontagne was also a Romney supporter in 2008.


If Lamontagne decides to run, he’ll face a primary with former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and possibly more Republican candidates. Senate Republicans recruited Ayotte to run for the seat, and she officially filed her candidacy this week



DSCC - UNION LEADER: Ayotte's First Hire Is Registered Lobbyist 

Nearly a week after we first reported in our online column update that Washington-based political consultant Tom Daffron was the leading candidate to sign on to the fledgling Kelly Ayotte senatorial campaign as a consultant, campaign spokesman Pam Kocher confirmed yesterday that Daffron is in fact now the campaign's volunteer general consultant.


Kocher said Daffron has begun "giving guidance" to Ayotte and her advisers.


Daffron, the chief operating officer of a Washington-based lobbying firm, the Jefferson Consulting Group, has worked in the past for Sens. Fred Thompson of Tennessee, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, William Cohen of Maine and Charles Percy of Illinois. He also managed Elizabeth Dole's brief presidential campaign in 1999.


Daffron recently managed or consulted for Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who, as we have reported, has been befriended by Ayotte.


The state Democratic Party points out that the Jefferson Consulting web site lists Daffron as one of its "lobbying professionals," and like us, wonders who Daffron is lobbying for. We've called him for this and other comments, but have received no response.


Jefferson Consulting publishes a long list of "representative clients" of the firm on its web site, but there is no way to know from the site which ones were represented by Daffron.


State Democratic Party spokesman Victoria Bonney said that Ayotte's "first move as a Senate candidate was to break her pledge" to Gov. John Lynch to serve a full term as attorney general.


"Her second was to recruit a Washington lobbyist to run her campaign. If she thinks that is the type of leadership the people of New Hampshire are looking for, Kelly Ayotte may want to rethink her candidacy," Bonney said.


Shea-Porter Secures $1.5 Million for New Hampshire Projects in Transportation Appropriations Bill 

WASHINGTON, DC — Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter secured $1.5 million in funding for two local New Hampshire projects in the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development Appropriations bill. The bill, which passed the House of Representatives, includes $1,000,000 for streetscape improvements in the Gaslight District in Manchester and $500,000 for infrastructure improvements for the Berwick Bridge in Somersworth.


“The money appropriated in this bill for Manchester will help make needed improvements to a part of the city that is ripe for future development. This investment will make this part of Manchester more pedestrian friendly and will allow the city to draw in more business,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. “This funding is for a worthy project in our state’s largest city and will help create local construction jobs.”


Regarding the funding for the Berwick Bridge, Shea-Porter said, “The Berwick Bridge is a major road connector and this funding will help keep it safe for commuters.”


The funding Shea-Porter secured for Manchester will assist the City’s revitalization’s efforts on Elm Street in the Gas Light District of Manchester. The funding secured for Somersworth’s Bridge will provide necessary improvements to achieve long-term safety goals.