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Blackwell for RNC Chair - Blackwell Gains Support from Guam

Ken's support in the territories continues to grow and we are very confident that Ken is going to do very well among these crucial voters. He traveled to two territories in the past few weeks and has gained significant support from RNC Members.

Today we are very happy to announce the support of the Governor of Guam and announce that he is working very hard to secure Guam's three votes for Ken Blackwell as well as other territories. Stay tuned.


John Yob
Campaign Manager



Republican Party of Guam

Press Release
Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guam Endorses Blackwell


GUAM - Today Governor Felix Perez Camacho has endorsed Ken Blackwell for Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

"I strongly support Ken Blackwell for Chairman of the RNC and appreciate his willingness to reach out to all the territories," said Governor Camacho. "I urge the RNC Members from Guam, Northern Marianas, and American Samoa to endorse and vote for Ken Blackwell for Chairman of the RNC for as many ballots as it takes to elect him."

The Governor is currently working with the Blackwell campaign to secure Guam's three votes for Ken Blackwell.

RNC Members for Guam are turning in their proxy forms to the Republican National Committee.


Shea-Porter Applauds Passage of Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

Likely first major bill signed by President Obama

Today, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted in support of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This legislation restores anti-discrimination protections that had been weakened by the Supreme Court in 2007.

“Pay discrimination is an issue that affects all workers,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. “I am pleased that we have moved one step closer to ensuring the right of every worker to equal pay for equal work. This important piece of legislation will help rid our country of gender-based discrimination and will help all American workers.”

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is named for a woman who worked at a Goodyear Tire facility for two decades, but was paid less than her male counterparts. Ledbetter sued Goodyear Tire and a jury found that her employer had illegally discriminated against her. However, the Supreme Court ruled that Ledbetter had waited too long to sue for pay discrimination, even though she was unaware of the discrimination at the time. This legislation applies to pay discrimination on the basis of not only sex, but race, religion, national origin, disability, or age. The Lilly Ledbetter Act is now expected to be the first bill that President Obama signs into law.


Tobacco Free NH - Advocacy Groups Ask Lawmakers to Make Tobacco Prevention a Funding Priority

(Concord, NH) Today, several leading advocacy organizations announced their support for tobacco prevention programming provided by an increase in the state cigarette tax as outlined in HB 638. The groups favor a $1.00 increase in the cigarette tax, with a portion dedicated to tobacco prevention programming. New Hampshire currently receives over $230 million annually from the cigarette tax and Master Settlement Agreement, but ironically, none of that tobacco-related revenue is spent to keep kids from smoking or to help smokers who want to quit.


New Hampshire allocated $4 million for tobacco prevention programming in the previous budget under the New Hampshire Cancer Plan, but those funds were eliminated by Governor Lynch in 2008. New Hampshire ranks dead last among all states in its funding provided to tobacco prevention.


“There is no greater return on investment than from investing in tobacco use prevention. With so much of our health care costs due to smoking related diseases, there are serious consequences to doing nothing to prevent smoking and to not helping the majority of smokers who want to quit,” said Susan Martore-Baker, Chair for the American Lung Association of New Hampshire.


“Educating New Hampshire moms about the dangers of smoking is vitally important,” said Dr. Becky Ewing, a March of Dimes volunteer. “Smoking during pregnancy increases a woman’s risk of delivering a low birth weight or preterm baby, and secondhand smoke exposure increases a baby’s risk of dying of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). An increase in the cigarette tax with funds dedicated to tobacco prevention and control could substantially help to give more of our babies a healthier start in life.”

New Hampshire’s cigarette tax is the lowest in the region at $1.33 a pack. Raising cigarette taxes has been proven to be one of the most effective policies to discourage youth from smoking.

“The American Heart Association supports significant increases in cigarette taxes to reduce teen smoking, to save lives and to raise new revenue for vital programs which reduce the burden of smoking related illness,” said Jon Wahrenberger, MD, Advocacy Committee Chairman for the American Heart Association in New Hampshire.


"I am an ex-smoker because I had help when I quit smoking. I had help quitting because I was lucky enough to have good insurance. What about the good citizens of New Hampshire that are not as fortunate? Don’t they deserve the same opportunities? Today we are presenting a scrapbook that represents 500 people who, like me, want the governor to help save lives," said B.J. Allgaier, volunteer for the American Cancer Society.


Tobacco is the leading cause of disease and death in the United States and costs the state of New Hampshire over $560 million every year. As a result, every household in New Hampshire pays $628 in state and federal taxes due to tobacco use. Organizations supporting the tax increase and tobacco prevention funding include the American Lung Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the March of Dimes.



Daily Grind: The Top-Ten Bottom Feeders in the "Stimulus"

The Top-Ten Bottom Feeders
Democrats have been loading up the stimulus package with millions of dollars in special-interest pork.


Killing Kelo In Virginia
Two state senators are teaming up to offer a Constitutional amendment in support of property rights.


Capitol South
The Senator spends some time with his most admired colleague.


Bigotry Uber Alles
Obama Advisor doesn’t want stimulus dollars to go to “white, male construction workers.”


Obama's 27-year-old whizz kid speechwriter 'dating former Maxim model who is now a White House aide'
From the "It's-Nice-to-Know-the-Country-is-in-Good-Hands File"



CHQ - Who will speak up against government growth?

America needs a better Right than the GOP can provide

American Conservative - Reid Buckley laments the lack of hard 'truth' in conservative commentary today, wondering who will be the one to speak out against the growth of government and champion real conservative principles. Buckley's first suggestion for conservatives: completely disassociate from the Republican Party.

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