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Homegrown Terrorism

Fort Dix Plotters Sentenced to Life in Prison
CAMDEN, N.J. - Three brothers convicted of plotting to kill military personnel at a base in New Jersey will spend the rest of their lives in prison. A federal judge has sentenced 30-year-old Dritan Duka and 28-year-old Shain Duka to life in prison plus 30 years. Their 25-year-old brother, Eljvir, has been sentenced to life in prison. Their brother Shain is also being sentenced Tuesday on conspiracy and weapons charges. The Duka brothers are ethnic Albanians from the former Yugoslavia.
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Fort Dix plotters sentenced to life in prison
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Republicans Win Special House Election 

Marilinda Garcia Returns to the Republican Caucus



Former Representative Marilinda Garcia is headed back to the State House in Concord following a convincing 800 vote win today over Democrat Sheila Murray in a special election for State Representative in Rockingham County, District 3 (Salem & Windham).


"It is clear that Marilinda's message ofsmaller government, less spending and lower taxes, especially in this economy,resonated with the voters in Salem and Windham today," said House Republican Leader Sherm Packard (r-Londonderry).


"While people are losing their jobs and watching every penny, House Democrats in Concord have raised taxes by over $200 million dollars and increased spending. Marilinda's victory today shows how out of touch the Democrats really are with New Hampshire voters. This is truly a mandate for lower taxes and less spending." added Representative Packard.


Today's special election was held due to the resignation of Republican Representative Mark Pearson, who took a job as town manager in Hudson. With the election of Ms. Garcia the Republicans now hold 176 of the 400 House seats.


"Marilinda should be commendedon her well-run campaign. Her team along with the New Hampshire Republican State Committee and the House Republican Victory PAC worked together to run this textbook campaign. I want to especially thank all of the Republican House members who volunteered their time phone banking, poll checking and going door-to-door to help bring back a fellow Republican," said Representative Packard.


Former Governor John Sununu, the Republican State Committee Chairman praised Garcia for being a great candidate with a solid commitment to traditional New Hampshire issues and values. “I congratulate Marilinda Garcia for running a fantastic race and I know that she will help make a difference in Concord,” added Sununu.



FreeKeeneNews - Marijuana Activist Refusing to Attend Trial if Cameras Banned from Courtroom 

In response to the recent arrests (including one indefinite jailing) of videographers in the Keene District Court lobby, Andrew Carroll, who will be tried for his civil disobedience of publicly possessing marijuana on May 1st at 1:30pm, has stated the following on the Free Keene Forum:


I am going to refuse to proceed with my court case (May 1, at 1:30 pm) until cameras are allowed in. Freedom of the press is too invaluable to the protection of liberty to let its blatant violation go unchallenged. I demand the officers and magistrates of the court show proper respect for the rights of individuals. Someone needs to watch the watchers.

I will show up on May 1 and attend my trial as scheduled; but I will refuse to proceed with the trial without cameras there. They are too essential to a fair trial - or, more accurately, too essential to holding judges accountable for creating unfair trials - to proceed without them.

You are all, of course, free to do as you please, but that is my plan. Sam is still in jail and the least I can do to thank him for his bravery is try to take the absurdity of all these abuses to court and challenge them there. Perhaps keep him company in Westmoreland, if that’s what it comes down to. But that decision is in the hands of the “authorities.” The next move belongs to them. Let us see how many peaceful people they will throw in jail.


Other forum posts suggest that in addition to this civil disobedience by Carroll, more liberty activists may choose to also risk arrest by recording video in the allegedly public lobby of the district court, to show support for jailed videographer and activist Sam Dodson as well as journalist Dave Ridley who was first arrested for recording in the same lobby back in March.

Activists will likely gather downstairs at 3 Washington St. after 1pm on Friday. Will the government people allow cameras in their allegedly public court, or will they continue cracking down on peaceful people attempting to exercise their supposed right to freedom of the press? Also, will Andrew be jailed over his courageous act of possessing cannabis in public? If you can’t be here in person, watch it unfold on the blog at






CONCORD – Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on Marilinda Garcia’s overwhelming victory in the Rockingham District 4 House special election:


“A great candidate with a solid commitment to traditional New Hampshire issues and values won a great victory. I congratulate Marilinda Garcia for running a fantastic race and I know that she will help make a difference in Concord.”




“It’s unbelievable, this liberal agenda up here.”


Democrat State Rep. Mark Preston (Seabrook) On The Democrat Leadership’s Radical Agenda




New Hampshire House Takes A Hard Turn Left

Gloucester Daily Times

Angeljean Chiaramida
April 27, 2009


In a landmark session, the New Hampshire House of Representatives appears to many to be having an identity crisis.


The 400-member House — the second largest legislative body in the nation — has never before been known as a bunch of social liberals. Dominated by Republicans for more than a century, the body has held strong to the state's historic conservative roots, voting down bills with liberal leanings that have sailed through on Massachusetts' Beacon Hill.


But since January, House members have passed bills to abolish the death penalty, legalize gay marriage, allow the medical use of marijuana and force adults to wear seat belts, something the Granite State has resisted forever.


And then there was the passage of a bill to protect transgender individuals from discrimination, which Republicans dubbed "the bathroom bill."


Although the 2007 elections put Democrats in control of the New Hampshire House, Senate, Executive Council and the Governor's corner office, even some New Hampshire Democrats are wondering what's going on in Concord, and if things are swinging too far left.


"It's unbelievable, this liberal agenda up here," said state Rep. Mark Preston, D-Seabrook, appalled that his colleagues in the House had approved the elimination of the death penalty. "I never thought I'd see the day in New Hampshire when a repeal of the death penalty would pass."


Neither was Preston, a police sergeant in Seabrook, happy about the House's decision to legalize marijuana for medical reasons, another bill he said he thought would never pass.


Life-long Seabrook Democrat Bette Thibodeau said New Hampshire Democrats have never before been as liberal as their counterparts to the south, but that appears to be changing.


Husband and wife state Representatives Amy and Koko Perkins, R-Seabrook, made a simple statement recently that summed up their freshman year in the House.


"It's no place for conservatives, I can tell you that," Koko Perkins said not long ago.


Twelve-year veteran state Rep. Al Weare chuckled when asked his impression of this session in the House.


"Being a very conservative individual, for these issues, it's kind of unbelievable to see this happening in the state of New Hampshire. But, I think ultimately this could backfire. They could end up with problems they aren't expecting. I think it can have an adverse effect for some in the next election."




New Hampshire Republican pundit and Seabrook fire Chief Jeff Brown believes New Hampshire Legislature's stray to the left on social issues is the result of years of suppression by Republicans. Members of New Hampshire's Grand Old Party had a hold on the legislative majority and kept their members in lock-step with conservative party lines for decades.


In control for the first time in anyone's living memory, Democrats are grabbing all they can while they can, Brown said.


"Democrats are saying, 'Wow, lets get everything we can while we're in the majority,'" said Brown, who served in the House for years in the past. "But, they're also eating their young. They've forgotten who brought them to power."