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NH DHHS - Statement Regarding Sadie Willott by DHHS Commissioner Nicholas Toumpas 

"As Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, I was

deeply saddened by the death of Sadie Willott.

As the State's child protection agency, it is our responsibility working

in conjunction with law enforcement and the courts to do

what we can to ensure the health and safety of children with whom we may

be involved. We will examine our role in this case

to determine accountability and what if anything we could have done better

or differently that might have affected the outcome,

and we will implement any necessary changes as quickly as possible. We

have, and will continue to cooperate with law

enforcement's investigation into Sadie's death and we are prepared to

assist with that investigation in any way that we can.

I also want to express my sincere condolences to Sadie's family, friends

and to all those who loved her.

Her untimely death deeply saddens all of us who are committed to protecting

our State's most vulnerable children from abuse and neglect."



Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding news of a budget surplus and $20 million in unspent funds for developmentally disabled services:
"Despite Governor Hassan's false accusations and irresponsible political rhetoric, the Legislature passed a fiscally responsible, balanced budget. More alarming though is her continued mismanagement of the Department of Health and Human Services, particularly the unsettling revelation of twenty million dollars in unspent funds for the developmentally disabled that should have been used to address an unacceptably long wait list.
"This instance of mismanagement wouldn't be so troubling if it weren't for the governor's long history of mishandling health care spending, from raiding millions in nursing home funding to losing track of a federal grant for substance abuse prevention to appointing an incompetent and discredited drug czar. It is shameful that Governor Hassan's political ambition and obsession with higher office has had such a negative impact on New Hampshire's most vulnerable. Instead of trying to take political credit, the governor should focus on fixing the numerous problems within her own administration and state government."
Union Leader: "Hassan Had Warned Republican Budget Writers In June They Were Assuming Too Large A 2015 Surplus To Help Balance This Biennium's Budget. But Wednesday Hassan Said The Figures, Which Include Accounting Adjustments, Show The State's Finances Are On Solid Ground." (Garry Rayno, "State records a $73 million surplus for 2015," Union Leader, 10/1/15)
  • Senator Chuck Morse: "'The Report Released Today Proves What The Senate Has Maintained All Along: The Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Is Balanced, Honest And Shows That The State Is Living Within Its Means'...But He Questioned Why $20 Million Earmarked For Developmentally Disabled Services And To End The Wait List Of Those Moving From School To State Services Was Not Spent During The Biennium" (Garry Rayno, "State records a $73 million surplus for 2015," Union Leader, 10/1/15)

NH Rebellion Congratulates Governor Martin O’Malley on “Restore our Democracy” Reform Agenda

MANCHESTER, NH - One day after the presidential candidates completed their latest fundraising frenzy ahead of Wednesday’s third-quarter reporting deadline, Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley released a plan to “get big money out of politics” and turn current fundraising practices on their head. The plan was welcomed by the nonpartisan NH Rebellion and reform groups nationwide.

Under Governor O’Malley’s “Restoring Our American Democracy” plan, ordinary citizens would be empowered to fund congressional campaigns in lieu of wealthy interests through a $25 refundable tax credit on small donations. Donations would then be matched on a multiple basis for qualifying candidates and candidates would be forced to abide by strict contribution limits. The plan also calls for disclosure of secret election spending by special interest groups; a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision; an overhaul of the Federal Election to ensure enforcement of election law and non-coordination between candidates and Super PACs; and a new constitutional right to vote free from discriminatory voting laws. The plan embraces many of the reform proposals put forward by NH Rebellion and other groups, although it omits citizen-funding of presidential elections.

“Voters of all stripes are disgusted by the way big money is dominating our democracy,” said Dan Weeks, Executive Director of Open Democracy and leader of the NH Rebellion. “This plan is a direct assault on those big money interests that have already spent hundreds of millions of dollars attempting to buy the presidential election. We applaud Gov. O’Malley for tackling the problem of big money corruption head-on with a plan that can help restore the basic American promise of an equal voice for all.”

According to Weeks, the O’Malley plan represents another major victory for the citizen movement against big money politics. “Six months ago, most of the presidential candidates were silent on solutions to big money politics, even as their solicitations of Super PACs spoke volumes about the power of wealthy elites in American politics,” Weeks said. “Now, they're getting the memo: the American people are hungry for solutions what what is undoubtedly America's most pressing problem.”

According to the Rebellion's online platform tracking candidate statements,, every Republican and Democrat vying for president is now on record about the need to fight big money. Most of the statements and videos featured have come in response to citizen “rebels” asking the question in town halls and meet-and-greets across New Hampshire.

O’Malley is not the first presidential candidate to issue a comprehensive plan to overhaul the nation’s campaign finance system. In September, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented a similar set of solutions and according to the Rebellion's online tracker,, Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, former Democratic Governor Lincoln Chafee, and Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig have all issued broad calls for citizen-funded elections and/or overturning Citizens United. The remaining candidates have so far called for some combination of stricter disclosure requirements and lobbying restrictions.

“Big money politics is a bipartisan problem and it demands bipartisan solutions,” added Brian Tilton, Republican outreach coordinator for the NH Rebellion. “Just as the Rebellion reached out to Sec. Clinton, Gov. O’Malley and other Democrats to give input on their plans, we have also been in talks with several Republican contenders about conservative-friendly approaches to breaking the big money-big government nexus that has voters up in arms. Republicans recognize that crony capitalism and wasteful spending won't be stopped until voters – not special interests – own our elections. We call on the remaining campaigns to answer our invitation and develop real reforms with us.”

“For the first time in memory, we're seeing presidential candidates compete for the banner of ‘true reformer’,” Weeks added. “New Hampshire’s voters welcome the competition. Whether or not candidates believe that fighting big money is good policy, they can’t deny that it is good politics if they want to get elected. Let them ignore the corruption issue at their peril.”



Friday, Oct. 2 in the NH House 






                        John Kasich Presidential campaign with an announcement


                        NH Sierra Club


Cruz For President - Campaign Launches World's First Presidential Social Crowd-Funding Platform


Empowers supporters to raise donations and recruit more supporters to Cruz’s grassroots army


HOUSTON, Texas – The Cruz for President Campaign today announced CruzCrowd, the world's first presidential social crowd-funding platform. Based on the theme of the American Revolution, CruzCrowd empowers individual supporters to raise small-dollar donations for the campaign and recruit others to join the Cruz Campaign’s grassroots army.
“Traditionally, wealthy bundlers have been the financiers and driving force behind presidential politics.  Ted Cruz has proven his appeal to wealthy donors and they are a vital part of his campaign,” said Chris Wilson, Director of Research and Analytics and head of digital strategy.
“CruzCrowd enables the campaign to extend that same bundling concept to the individual, depending on small-dollar donors utilizing their social networks to share Sen. Cruz’s vision for America.  Capitalizing on this fun and competitive environment not only raises money, but helps build the grassroots infrastructure that is critical to Sen. Cruz’s success,” Wilson explained.
Upon joining CruzCrowd, a unique donation/registration URL is created for each user.  Utilizing their page, CruzCrowd members promote fundraising and encourage grassroots membership through multiple social media platforms by simply clicking the share buttons and in-house email integration.
Once users begin raising money and recruiting new members, they will earn badges, which automatically generate rewards from the Cruz Campaign store.  In turn, each CruzCrowd member has the ability to track and compare their own progress against other users across their state and the nation. Badges are earned in a variety of ways (there are also several "mystery badges"). The badges themselves tell the story of the American Revolution and the drafting of the Constitution, and celebrate the brave men and women whose principled actions founded our great nation.

Users are rewarded when they accomplish the primary function - raising money - but are also rewarded when they accomplish the more important function: recruiting more users for the Cruz Campaign’s grassroots army. This structure is key to the platform's potential for organic, viral growth and success.  There is no minimum donation placed on the individual donor.



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