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Watchdog - Teachers union spends $37 million on politics  


Taxpayers fund $2.2 million for walking app, studies about UV exposure

Taxpayers have shelled out $2.2 million since last year to use social media to convince mothers about the dangers tanning beds pose to their daughters, and to create a smartphone app to help “Latinas” find nearby walking partners.
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American Federation of Teachers union spends $37 million on politics
The latest American Federation of Teachers annual report shows a left-wing political machine humming on all cylinders — much of which is funded by mandatory dues from teachers.


Report raises concerns EPA stacked the deck against Alaska mine project
A new report says the EPA “failed to address important considerations” that would be part of a permit process for a potential mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay Watershed, relying on hypothetical scenarios to preemptively kill the mine.


Education Committee chair: Vermont public schools disadvantaged by school choice
Why would you support a ruling that will likely eliminate school choice for many towns? Vermont Watchdog sat down with state Rep. David Sharpe, chair of the House Committee on Education, to discuss Vermont's consolidation law.


Food truck vendors sue over San Antonio restrictions

Obtaining an operating license and health permit isn’t enough for San Antonio food truck vendors. They must also get notarized permission of any restaurants nearby - and they're steaming mad about it.
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Meet this feisty forklift driver fighting for the right to leave her union


Karen Cox remembers what it was like at her job before union membership became a condition of employment. Despite all the promises the union made, she doesn't see much difference between then and now.



Watchdog Opinion

Paid sick leave a cynical issue for 2016

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has called for a new law mandating that all employees offer a paid sick leave benefit to their employees. Is this essentially just a $14 million tax on Vermont's poor, financially vulnerable enterprises?

Strong NH - Video Release: Is Van Ostern Qualified? 


Shocking Video: Van Ostern Admits He Doesn't Understand New Hampshire's Healthcare Needs

   "If you lined up everyone against the wall in the room based on how much they knew about healthcare, and how it's affecting our state, I fear that I would be on the shorter end of it."

- Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern - 

MANCHESTER - Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern (D, NH) hopes to climb the political ladder. However, as seen in a new video released by Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, every Granite Stater should be concerned about his admittedly weak understanding one of the most important issues impacting the lives of every citizen in our state.

While recently discussing healthcare at a public event in Keene, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire shockingly caught Councilor Van Ostern saying, "if you lined up everyone against the wall in the room based on how much they knew about healthcare, and how it's affecting our state, I fear that I would be on the shorter end of it."

Click HERE to watch the video.

Despite his admitted lack of understanding of healthcare-related issues, Councilor Van Ostern has repeatedly highlighted his votes, and positions on the issue, throughout his two terms in Concord. As seen on his own website, Van Ostern proudly stated that he was the one to "cast the deciding vote" to implement Medicaid Expansion. He then stated that he "led the fight" to restore funding to Planned Parenthood.

Van Ostern also penned an opinion piece criticizing those individuals who opposed taxpayer funding for an embattled Planned Parenthood earlier this year.

Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Stro
ng New Hampshire released the following statement;

"Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern's admission that he has an inferior understanding of how healthcare affects New Hampshire should be extremely concerning to his constituents in Council District Two. The fact that he actually believes someone with his substandard familiarity is qualified to lead our state should be incredibly frighting to every Granite Stater.

"Councilor Van Ostern has frequently trumpeted his self-proclaimed 'deciding vote' for Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion. He has used divisive rhetoric during debates over women's healthcare to endear himself with liberal extremists for years. Now that we know how little he truly understands, how seriously can anyone take anything he says about one of the most important issues impacting the lives of every single New Hampshire resident?"

ALG - McCarthy Speaker race exit opens up opportunity to restore separation of powers


Oct. 8, 2015, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy's decision to drop out of the running for Speaker of the House of Representatives:


"The shocking decision by Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to leave the race for Speaker opens up the process to a full and complete discussion of the proper role of the House of Representatives. Whoever steps into the running and ultimately becomes the new Speaker must move to restore the separation of powers between the branches of government. An effective Speaker will unite House Republicans through a revival of the House's constitutional prerogatives, including Article I the power of the purse, to stop President Obama's regulatory onslaught against the U.S. economy and freedom."


To view online:



"GOP leadership election brings power of purse to forefront," By Rick Manning, Americans for Limited Government, The Hill, Oct. 1, 2015 at


Americans for Limited Government is a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please visit our website at


NH DHHS Announces Enrollment of Remaining Populations in Medicaid Care Management 

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced

today that beginning November 1, 2015, Medicaid recipients who could

initially opt out of Medicaid Care Management (MCM) will be required to

enroll in the program and will receive their medical care through a Managed

Care Organization (MCO) health plan, with coverage beginning February 1,


The Medicaid Care Management program is being implemented in incremental

steps. Step 1 of the program began on December 1, 2013 and included the

enrollment of 90 percent of the Medicaid population into the care

management program for their medical care, while others were allowed to

remain in the fee-for-service program. Now, most of the remaining Medicaid

population in the fee-for-service program will be required to enroll,

benefitting from health plan services that afford improved care

coordination and wellness programs.

“The Department recognizes and acknowledges the complex needs of people now

enrolling in an MCO health plan for their medical care,” said DHHS

Commissioner Nick Toumpas. “We are committed to ensuring that appropriate

planning has occurred for this transition and will proactively support

these people during the enrollment process.”

Individuals required to enroll in MCM will receive letters from DHHS

informing them about the enrollment process and selecting the health plan

that is best for the client and their family. The remaining enrollment

population includes: Children in Foster Care, Medicare Dual Eligibles

(people who have both Medicare and Medicaid), Home Care for Children with

Severe Disabilities (aka Katie Beckett Medicaid), Children with special

health care needs enrolled in Special Medical Services/Partners in Health

and Children with Supplemental Security Income.

In preparation for the transition of individuals with complex needs into

MCM, DHHS has conducted frequent and widespread stakeholder engagement

meetings across the State with current MCM enrollees, clients who will be

required to enroll in MCM, and providers who serve these clients. DHHS held

meetings from July-November 2014, to obtain input on best practices for

integration of Step 2 populations and services into the MCM program. DHHS

and the MCOs conducted provider and client informational sessions across

the State from July-August 2015. Focus group meetings with individuals with

complex needs currently in MCM were conducted in June and August 2015 and

information sessions to solicit input from providers on the kinds of

support needed to assist individuals with enrollment in MCM were held in

August and September.

Future phases of Step 2 will include the integration of Long Term Supports

and Services (LTSS) such as Choices for Independence (CFI) Services;

Nursing Facility Services; and Developmental Disability (DD), Acquired

Brain Disorder (ABD) and In-Home Support (IHS) services into the Medicaid

Care Management program.



Concord - Earlier this week, Governor Hassan released a web video announcing her run for United States Senate. The New Hampshire Republican Party is helping you read between the lines of Hassan's inaccurate and misleading announcement video by annotating it using Genius.
You can check out a corrected version of Hassan's video here. Click the yellow highlights to read and share our annotations.
***Warning: most of the transcript is yellow because most of what Hassan said was wrong.***
The New Hampshire Republican Party also released a new Tumblr account cataloging Governor Gridlock Hassan's history of bringing Washington-style politics to Concord. Click here to view the "Governor Gridlock Hassan" Tumblr account.
"Governor 'Gridlock' Hassan's disastrous record of politically-motivated brinkmanship and extremism runs completely counter to the New Hampshire commonsense values of bipartisanship and compromise," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Unfortunately, the governor has brought Washington-style politics to Concord, and the New Hampshire Republican Party is looking forward to exposing her failed record in new and creative ways."