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Good Friday Morning,

Kicking off our "Honoring Our Veterans" tour, the Brown campaign unveiled our veterans policy and rolled out a new television ad. Scott made several stops to discuss his plans to make sure that our veterans get the care that they deserve and can find good-paying jobs when they come home.
As the summer rolls on, we have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved on the campaign and you can scroll down and see our bulletin board for a full list of activities. From phone-banking and door-knocking to parade marching and sign-making, come out and help Scott. This campaign will be won in a true grassroots manner: handshake by handshake, voter by voter, phone call by phone call, door by door, and Scott needs your help to make this happen.
Also, we're kicking off a new section of the Around Town email today where we spotlight our volunteer of the week. Scroll down to check out this week's winner.
See below for more on the news of the week and be sure to follow the campaign on Social Media to get updates in real time
  On the same day that Scott began his statewide "Honoring Our Veterans" tour across New Hampshire, the campaign released a new ad. "Respect" highlights Scott's commitment to our veterans and his determination to make sure they are taken care of after serving our country.

Scott himself recently retired as a Colonel from the Army National Guard after 35 years of service, and was honored at a ceremony at the Pentagon.

Scott also released a policy paper about his plans to help veterans in New Hampshire and across America, including increasing VA accountability and permanently reauthorizating the Hire A Hero Act, that gives tax credits to businesses that hire veterans.

"They Served Our Country, They Should Be Taken Care Of First" 
  There was an awesome moment at Scott's town hall meeting at the Merrimack VFW. A young man, Sam, received a round of applause for saying that those who served our country, "should be taken care of first!" I encourage you to watch the video.
Honoring Our Veterans Tour

Scott was all over the state this week on his "Honoring Our Veterans" tour. He toured Harbor Homes in Nashua to learn more about the Veterans FIRST program, Liberty House in Manchester, to get more information about transitional programs that support our veterans, hosted a roundtable at the New Hampshire Veterans home and held a town hall meeting at the Merrimack VFW.
Volunteer of the Week: Scott Logsdon

  Our Volunteer of the Week is Windham resident Scott Logsdon. An Army Veteran, Scott has been involved with the campaign since the start and has been a huge help in the office and around the state. Here's why Brown is his candidate:
Scott Makes The Rounds With NH Editorial Boards

Over the past 10 days, Scott met with many of our newspapers, sharing his views on the key issues and highlighting what his priorities will be in the U.S. Senate. Check out excerpts of the articles written. 
  • New Hampshire Union Leader: "Brown has focused on Shaheen, calling her a rubber stamp for President Obama by voting with him 99 percent of the time."
  • Nashua Telegraph: "'I am not a rubber stamp; I am not like Shaheen,' Brown said."
  • Portsmouth Herald: "He also pointed to the fact that he was the Senate's most bipartisan senator"
  • Conway Daily Sun: "By contrast, he says he is a problem-solver who can work with others to correct what he says is the misguided direction of this country while serving New Hampshire."
Brown Campaign Announces Over 100 North Country & Lakes Region Supporters

Our grassroots support continues to grow across New Hampshire. This week, we rolled out a list of over 100 individuals in the North Country and parts of the Lakes Region, including elected officials and activists who are backing the Brown campaign. Take a look at the list.
Campaign Bulletin Board
Tomorrow, Scott will be marching in a parade in Swanzey and then Sunday, he will march in Hillsborough. We'd love for you to come join us and march with him. If you're interested, come by to the parade starting points - we'll have plenty of t-shirts, signs and other fun gear. Here are the details:

Swanzey Old Home Day Parade
Saturday, July 19th
Line Up Time: 9:00 AM
Parade Time: 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM  
Location: Talbot Hill Road, Swanzey 

Hillsborough Balloon Festival Parade
Sunday, July 20th
Line Up Time: 11:30 AM 
Parade Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM 
Location: Hillsboro-Deering School Complex
78 School Street, Hillsborough

Every Monday through Thursday night we have phone banking at Campaign Headquarters from 5:30-8:00.

We are at 379 Elm Street in Manchester and would love to see you here. 

We are also continuing are theme nights at Campaign HQ this week and these are a great time to come to our office and get involved.

Veterans Night 
July 21st 5:30 - 8:00 PM
Swing by to have a slice of pizza, hit the phones, make signs, hear a campaign update and help out at the office


Women for Brown
July 22nd 11:00 - 1:00 PM
Stop by during your lunch break to catch up with the campaign staff and lend a hand at HQ

Pizza and Calls for Scott 
July 22nd 5:30 - 8:30 PM
Join us to enjoy Scott's favorite food--pizza! Then get ready to roll up your sleeves and help our team around the office.

RSVP for all these events here!

Additionally, we will be hosting phone banks across the state so everyone can get involved and call for Scott.


149 Emerald Street, Keene
Cheshire County GOP Office
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

491 Amherst Street, Unit #8, Nashua
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


91 Indian Rock Road, Windham
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

54 Baker Street, Lebanon
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 


356 S. Broadway, Salem
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

10 Water St. Concord 
NH GOP Office 
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM 

NHDP - Brown’s Campaign Struggles Continue With Another Week of Damaging, Embarrassing Headlines 

Manchester, NH—Scott Brown's campaign continued struggling with another week of damaging headlines and embarrassing gaffes that ended with his own campaign co-chair turning on him.  Brown hid in​ the bathroom to avoid simple questions about contraception coverage, was present when the cops were called on the reporter, had a​ co-​chair of  ​W​omen for Brown say he was out of touch with New Hampshire women, forgot which state he was running in - again, and slighted Kelly Ayotte's record on veterans issues and immigration the day after she officiated his daughter's wedding.

“It is hard to see what else Scott Brown could have done to show that he is out of touch with the people of New Hampshire this week,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “It is clear that Scott Brown is in this race for Scott Brown and the Big Oil special interests that fund his campaign.  Brown and his allies see the people of New Hampshire as a mere obstacle to getting him back in the Senate.”
Brown Hides In Bathroom, Calls Police to Avoid Questions on Hobby Lobby

The Guardian: Scott Brown: fallout from Hobby Lobby decision puts Senate bid in tight spot
I found Brown at a table at a restaurant called Priscilla's, introduced myself as a Guardian reporter and enquired if I could ask him some questions. Brown smiled nervously and replied: "What do you want to ask me about?"
"Hobby Lobby? That would be a start," I said.
“I’m all set," he replied. "We’re enjoying ourselves right now.”
“But you’re standing for Senate. It is routine for journalists to ask you questions and usually the candidates answer.”
“Not without notifying my office."
Brown stood up, walked to the back of the diner, and took shelter in the bathroom. A campaign aide, Jeremy, looked bewildered. He lingered beside me for a few moments, before politely excusing himself – “Nice to meet you” – and joining his boss in the bathroom.


He was not going to answer my questions about Hobby Lobby. "I’m not making any more news," he explained. "You’re being unprofessional and you’re being rude."
A large man with chest hair poking out of his shirt put it more bluntly. “You have to go,” he said. “We can either do this the right way, or we can do this the wrong way.”
“What is the wrong way?” I asked. “I don’t want you to find out," he said.
I left the campaign event in the company of the tavern's owner. He and I were talking on the porch, several minutes later, when a police car pulled up.
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:


Further reading:

Huffington Post: Police Summoned After Reporter Crashes Scott Brown Campaign Event
The Daily Beast: Scott Brown Flees Hobby Lobby Questions
MSNBC:  Brown ‘took shelter in the bathroom’ to avoid contraception questions (Video)
MSNBC: Brown ‘took shelter in the bathroom’ to avoid contraception questions
Jim OBrien ‏@jim_obrienNH 
My party needs to expect more from a candidate for US Senate. . If it wasn't so serious, it would be funny.
Chris Cillizza @TheFix 
Scott Brown, call your office. And come out of the bathroom. 
Paul Lewis @PaulLewis 
My bizarre experience on the campaign trail with Scott Brown, the elusive Senate candidate in New Hampshire: 
Taegan Goddard @politicalwire 
Pro tip: When you're hiding in the bathroom, you're losing …

Brown Campaign Co-Chair Says He's Wrong on Hobby Lobby Decisions

Julie Brown, a senior Republican figure in the state who the candidate chose as the co-chair of his Women for Brown leadership team, believes he is wrong about religious exemptions to contraceptive coverage.

"A woman chooses what she decides to do with her body – it is between the woman, her doctor and her God," she told me.
Her view was shared by “many, many” women in the state, she said, adding that she planned to discuss the contraception issue with Brown in the coming days.
I asked if she thought he needed to change his policy. "I think he should, yes," she replied.
Kathleen Ronayne @kronayne 
A co-chair of 'Women for Brown' tells @PaulLewis Scott Brown should change his stance on Hobby Lobby … #nhsen

Brown Again Forgetting New Hampshire Did Scott Brown Just Forget What State He’s Running In Again?
Scott Brown should probably just take Massachusetts out of his vocabulary entirely. In an interview on Boston Herald Radio, Brown, the former Massachusetts senator turned New Hampshire candidate, seemed to mention his disagreements with the “Massachusetts delegation.”
About a minute and a half into the video, Brown gets to talking about his immigration policies. “That’s a big difference between [N.H.] Senator Shaheen and me and many other people – the Massachusetts delegation and Senator Shaheen in particular and the President,” he said. Only one issue: Brown is running for the Senate in New Hampshire after moving there last year.
Further reading:
The Hill: Did Brown misspeak on state?
Politics USA: Scott Brown Forgets Which State He Is Running For Senate In During Radio Interview
Los Angeles Times: Another 'oops' moment for Scott Brown in New Hampshire Senate race?
Washington Post: Brown, repeat to yourself three times ‘New Hampshire, New Hampshire, New Hampshire’
The Week: Scott Brown refers to the 'Massachusetts delegation' while running for Senate in New Hampshire


Embarrassing: Brown Bashes Kelly Ayotte’s Positions, the Day After She Officiates His Daughter’s Wedding

Despite presenting a cozy public image, Republicans Scott Brown and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) are once again at odds over key issues... Ayotte endorsed Brown, but by attacking Shaheen's positions on immigration and veterans' affairs he is effectively disparaging Ayotte's record as well. That's because Ayotte's positions on these issues resemble Shaheen's.

Brown Campaign Continues to Struggle Scott Brown’s Senate Bid Is Going About As Well As His Last One
Scott Brown’s Senate bid in New Hampshire is going about as well as his last Senate bid in Massachusetts. That is to say, he’s likely to remain known as a former senator.

Further Reading:

MSNBC: Dead Heat in Iowa Senate Race; Democrat Leads in New Hampshire Battle
National Journal : The 2014 Against the Grain Awards - Grading the best and worst of the campaigns at the election cycle's halfway point.
The Washington Post: Poll: Braley tied with Ernst in Iowa, Shaheen leads Brown in New Hampshire

Mark Murray @mmurraypolitics
Jeanne Shaheen is popular in NH (52%-39% fav/unfav), while Scott Brown is less so (40%-39% fav/unfav)…
Steve Kornacki @SteveKornacki 
It's very possible that Scott Brown will learn 2 things at the same time on 11/4: (1) He lost; and (2) Coakley won.

Innis For Congress - ICYMI: Dan Innis Discusses Immigration w/Concord Monitor 

Innis Logo New Banner

Manchester, NH -- The following quotes by Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress in NH-01, appeared in the Concord Monitor on July 18th.

In an interview with the Monitor, Innis said the country must start sending back some of the people flooding over the borders. He said immigration reform should be handled one piece at a time, not in a comprehensive bill. Securing the border and making legal immigration easier should be the top priorities, he said.

"People come illegally because they think it's impossible to do it legally," he said. "I'd much rather they see some hope to do it legally."

He does not support a path to citizenship for immigrants who are already here. Beyond fixing the crisis at the border, Innis said the U.S. should work with Central American countries facing humanitarian issues so that people do not feel the need to flee here.

Full story here:


Innis For Congress - ICYMI Dan Innis On Jack Heath Radio

Innis Logo New Banner

Manchester, NH - The following link takes you to audio of Dan's appearance on the Jack Heath radio show on July 17, 2014.



APP News Update: More States End Common Core, the Border Crisis and more  

Aguilar on MSNBC's Reid Report
It's the Biflation, Stupid!
On Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholding Common Core Repeal “Today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has upheld the power of the legislature to set education policy. In so doing, it has quashed the problematic, Progressive idea that the state board of education is vested with both legislative and executive powers."  - APP Education Dir. Emmett McGroarty
Breitbart News - 7/15/14
A Better Migrant Worker Plan Would Stem the Flow of Unaccompanied Children to the U.S.
By Alfonso Aguilar (NY Times)

The surge of unaccompanied minors entering through the southern United States border illegally is just another crisis produced by our dysfunctional immigration system. Contrary to the narrative of some opportunistic politicians and pundits, this unfortunate situation is not the result of the Obama administration failing to enforce the law. In reality, most would-be-migrants believe that crossing the border has become much more difficult, and in the last decade, the U.S. government has greatly strengthened border security and interior enforcement.

Increased violence in Central America – mainly El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – is said to be the immediate reason so many children are now coming to our borders alone. But many of these children are making the dangerous journey to reunite with their parents, who came here looking for a good-paying job and a better future. (read the rest)
Keene: Editing out an elightened history of America
In the early days of the American Republic, Thomas Jefferson was perhaps the staunchest advocate of public education. Jefferson authored a plan for public primary and secondary schools and is father of the University of Virginia. He would be appalled at the state of public education today.
  Jefferson loved reading and knowledge for its own sake, of course, but believed the success of the American experiment depended on an educational system that would instill a knowledge of history and values in the citizenry. He was not alone among the Founders in this belief, but few expressed themselves better. Jefferson was eloquent on the study of history as especially important because, as he put it, “apprising [students] of the past will enable them to judge of the future.” (read the rest)
Is Sound Money the Next "Big, Bold Idea" for Conservatives
By Paul Dupont

One of the important arguments made by last year’s American Principles in Action report, “Building a Winning GOP Coalition,” was that voters are concerned with rising prices and the shrinking value of the dollar, problems which could be addressed by “picking up the forgotten of the Reagan economic agenda: sound money.”  Monetary reform is a relevant and populist issue, one which would help Republicans connect effectively with the average voter, unlike their failed 2012 economic message.

Judy Shelton, senior fellow at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, makes a similar case in the upcoming issue of The Weekly Standard (the article is available online here).  Dr. Shelton argues that supporting sound money is imperative for restoring economic prosperity, both in the U.S. and internationally, and that Republicans have much to gain by joining the movement to re-link the dollar to gold (read the rest)
Other articles: 
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