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NHDP - Guinta Makes False Claims At Debate To Cover Up Do-Nothing Record 

Manchester, NH - At this morning’s Manchester Chamber of Commerce debate, Frank Guinta repeatedly made false claims about three bills he supposedly had signed into law during the 112th Congress. The Congressional record disagrees.

"Frank Guinta is resorting to inventing accomplishments to cover-up his do-nothing record while in Congress," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Granite State voters won't be fooled by Guinta's latest desperate attempts to distract voters from his extreme Tea Party agenda that would devastate New Hampshire's middle-class families."

Under pressure, Guinta insisted that three bills with his name on them have been signed into law. A closer look at his record shows that none of the nine bills he introduced came up for a vote, much less became law. Two of Guinta’s nine 112th Congress bills, H.R.1863 and H.R.4968, were re-introductions of legislation Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter introduced in the 111th Congress.

See footage of Guinta making the false claims at this morning's debate here.


Guinta has made this false claim repeatedly:

“I was able to get three pieces of legislation voted on and passed and signed into law, which I think demonstrates the ability I have to work across party aisles,” Guinta said on WLMW’s Girard at Large on August 15, 2014.

On New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath during an interview on June 18, 2014: “Most people don't realize when I was down in D.C. in the minority I was able to get three pieces of legislation signed into law, so I can work with Democrats in the Senate and actually was able to get the President to sign three pieces of legislation that you know were important to New Hampshire and important to constituents.”

Guinta: “I got three bills signed into law while I was in the minority” [16:54 into WMUR interview, May 7, 2014]


FreeKeeneNews - What happened before Pumpkin Fest organizer stormed the TV set? 

What happened before the Pumpkin Fest organizer stormed the TV set.

Pumpkin Fest organizer Ruth Sterling made international headlines this weekend when during a live broadcast from her event on Cheshire TV by local newsman Jared Goodell, she stormed onto the set, grabbed at his microphone and threatened to take him off the air. With over 100,000 views and climbing, the original clip is one of the top five most popular videos of all time on the Free Keene youtube channel.

Sterling was interviewed this morning on WKBK by Dan Mitchell where she complained that the original viral clip did not show the context of what made her storm the set. If you recall from the clip, she alleged that Jared had been “inciting” people, “alarming” pumpkin fest attendees, and “self-promoting”. As you can see in this clip which shows what came before the original, he’s doing none of those things – he’s merely reporting what he’s heard and reading a statement from the president of Keene State College. All I’ve edited out of the following clip is the commercial break, which lasted for about 1 minute:

Jared says of the newly released clip:

“This newly released video provides context to what was I reporting on when Ms. Sterling stormed the live TV set. It is clear that my reporting was based on facts and intended to warn viewers at home of safety dangers which could have been taking place outside their home.”

According to CTV’s Executive Director Lee Perkins, after Sterling left the camera’s view she went around to each CTV crew member, including Perkins and demanded they take Jared off-the-air. They refused and she proceeded to search for the power adapter to literally “pull the plug”. She was unable to locate it and ultimately left.

In a subsequent interview with “Talking Points Memo” she called Jared a “punk” and said,

“When he heard about the trouble in the college neighborhoods, he chose to ‘do his job’ of being a Fox-news style ‘reporter,’…His tone and language was deemed dangerous and inciting to a large, peaceful assembly.”

Clearly, she’s delusional. That said, watch the full clip and decide for yourself.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on the Pumpkin Fest 2014 riots.


FrackNation - Sparks sure to fly at McAleer/Tillman debate 

Los Angeles 10-22-2014

SPARKS are set to fly with a debate about fracking between a veteran filmmaker and journalist and a vocal anti-fracking activist in Dallas.

The no doubt heated debate between Phelim McAleer and Calvin Tillman comes after McAleer has released a documentary and a video questioning key facts behind Tillman's activism.

The debate is set to start at 7pm at the Brookhaven College Geotechnology Institute in Dallas on Monday Oct 27th. It comes at a crucial time, as the nearby town of Denton prepares to vote on whether to ban fracking - the first such vote in the state.

Phelim McAleer – a veteran journalist who directed and produced FrackNation, a documentary investigating many anti-fracking claims– said he was looking forward to exposing the truth about fracking and exposing those who are now making a lucrative living peddling misinformation that a number of courts have found to be fraudulent.

“After we exposed Calvin Tillman, he issued the challenge for a debate (rather than address the serious matters raised about the fraudulent findings). Then he tried to back out – breaking promises to pay for return airfares, changing venues etc – hoping I would walk away - but I'm not going to let him get away with peddling misinformation. I'm really looking forward to bringing the truth to Dallas and to those who still believe the frauds being promoted by Tillman.”

Calvin Tillman is the former Mayor of Dish, Texas who featured in the anti-fracking documentaries Gasland and Gasland II claiming that fracking had polluted his town, had made his children ill and could lead to cancer.

Phelim McAleer's investigations have revealed that the “evidence” touted by Tillman to push his anti-fracking campaign was gathered by a fraudster who had made up her qualifications.

Several courts found Tillman based all his very dramatic claims on one air study carried by Alisa Rich. Rich, the sole proprietor of Wolf Eagle Environmental Engineers and Consultants LLC.

However, these judges found that Alisa Rich:

1) fraudulently claimed to have a PhD

2) fraudulently claimed to be a qualified engineer

3) and in a separate case, she has arranged and filmed a fraudulent video to try and extort a company to settle a damages claim

McAleer – who has worked as a crime reporter and investigative journalist in several countries including Ireland, Romania, Vietnam, Madagascar and Indonesia – said he is looking forward to revealing the truth behind much of the anti-fracking activism.

“These are well-funded campaigns based on fraud, exaggerations and lucrative lawsuits. Mostly they scare people and often children, but have no basis in reality. I want to expose these people who think nothing of scaring children to push an agenda. It's despicable and I look forward to exposing it to the world.”

“I urge everyone to join me in Dallas on Monday to add their questions to a growing list that Calvin Tillman refuses to address.”

The debate which is open to the public will take place between 7pm-8:30pm at

Brookhaven College Geotechnology Institute

Building H, Room H114

3939 Valley View Lane

Farmers Branch, Dallas, TX 75244-4997


Phelim McAleer is a filmmaker and investigative journalist. He most recently produced and directed FrackNation - a documentary to uncover the truth about Fracking. He has produced documentaries for CBC (Canada) and RTE (Ireland) and two independent feature length documentaries. Before becoming a filmmaker, Phelim was a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times in Eastern Europe. He also covered Romania and Bulgaria for The Economist. Before that he covered Ireland for the UK Sunday Times. He has worked as a filmmaker and journalist in many countries including Romania, Uganda, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Chile, Indonesia, Canada and China. McAleer has appeared on or is a regular contributor to an array of international media organizations including Fox News, CNN and the BBC. He has been interviewed on over 100 US and international radio shows.

FrackNation was acquired by and premiered on AXS TV, owned by a maverick billionaire Mark Cuban. It was subsequently picked up for distribution by Magnolia Pictures and is now available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and VOD. The movie was financed through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. It raised $212,000 in 60 days and was one of the most successful documentary campaigns ever funded through Kickstarter.
The New York Times described FrackNation as "provocative and meticulously researched."


LONDONDERRY - Today, Scott Brown toured Wire Belt Company of America to address Jeanne Shaheen's anti-business comments from the NECN/Concord Monitor​ U.S. Senate debate.
"Last night Senator Shaheen insulted over 1,500 small businesses in New Hampshire by dismissing the NFIB," said Brown. "Jeanne Shaheen has a 0% rating from the NFIB this Congress, and the only thing worse than voting with President Obama 99% ​of the time is voting against our small businesses 100% of the time. I am running to create a stronger economic environment with lower energy costs and fewer regulations."
Wire Belt Company of America is a member of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), one of the nation’s leading voices for small business representing 1,500 members in New Hampshire, and employs ​just under ​100 people. Specializing in conveyer belt production, this company has seen health care premiums increase 35% under Obamacare and remains concern with the high cost of energy.
"Scott Brown has a nearly perfect score from the NFIB because he votes to support small business and will work on commonsense plans to reduce energy prices and get rid of Obamacare," said David Greer, CEO of Wire Belt Company of America. "New Hampshire needs an independent voice to fight for us, so we can do our part to grow business and hire more workers. Senator Shaheen is on the wrong side of these issues and we are ready for a change."

Watch the video of Shaheen's insult against small business in the NECN/Concord Monitor debate.

Oct232014 Headlines - October 23, 2014 

The Boston Globe




Here are highlights from today's Globe:

  • Urban voters get a win: Cities will be key in the gubernatorial election, and urban voters are not being taken for granted. Yvonne Abraham details the latest.
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