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US Rep Guinta Statement Following First Townhall in Hampton 


WASHINGTON. D.C. – Congressman Frank Guinta released the following statement following the first NH-01 townhall of the year, which occurred on Saturday, January 24 at the Hampton Police Department:


“Hosting regular townhalls is not only an important New Hampshire tradition, it is essential to receiving constituent feedback which forms our legislative priorities.  Despite the snow, we were able to host our first townhall on Saturday where we discussed our skyrocketing national debt, ways to spur middle-class economic growth and reforms to our mental health system.  I also had the opportunity to unveil my new bipartisan legislative initiative – Operation TAXPAYER, which aims To AX Persistent Abuse of Your Earned Revenue – saving billions of your hard-earned taxpayer dollars while shrinking the size of our bloated federal government.  I look forward to the next townhall.”



Congressman Guinta will host regular townhalls throughout New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.  Announcements regarding future town halls will be released as scheduled.  Constituents are encouraged to check, and for updates regarding future townhalls and events.


For more photos of Congressman Guinta’s townhall in Hampton, please click here.


NH House Speaker Jasper, NH Senate President Morse - State of Emergency 

This afternoon, Governor Hassan declared that a state of emergency exists in the State of New Hampshire due to the impending winter storm.  Because of the expected blizzard like conditions, which will include heavy snowfall, high winds and whiteout conditions,  she has encouraged citizens to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.  The Governor has also made the decision to  close state government and advised that all but essential state employees stay home and off the roads.  As a result the State House  and Legislative Office Building will remain closed on Tuesday, January 27th.  We will monitor the situation throughout the day on Tuesday with regard to any potential postponements or cancellations for Wednesday should the storm continue. 


APIA - Heritage Foundation renews call for Monetary Commission 

Dear Monetary Policy Observer,


Heritage Foundation's Dr. Norbert Michel, in a recent column, called for the establishment of a monetary commission as the lead item among his calls for action by the new Congress. 


Dr. Michel named the Brady-Cornyn Centennial Monetary Commission Act as a “perfect vehicle” for assessing Fed performance and implementing reform. You can read the full article here


We hope you find this material of interest.





CONCORD, NH – State Department of Safety urges residents to stay home tomorrow as blizzard-like conditions with snow, high winds and periods of zero visibility are expected during the commute.


“Don’t travel unless absolutely necessary,” State Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Perry Plummer said. “The morning commute will be extremely dangerous and should be avoided. If you have to travel, have an emergency kit in your car and take proper travel precautions.”


At a minimum, an emergency kit for traveling should contain bottled water, food, a blanket, prescriptions, a flashlight, a small shovel, a first aid kit and a whistle, Plummer said.


Plummer also recommended the following travel precautions:

Drive only if absolutely necessary and only during the day.         

Stay on main roads and let someone know your destination, arrival time and route

  • If you become trapped in your car:
    • Turn on your hazard lights and hang a distress flag from your antenna or window.
    • Remain in your vehicle and do not set out on foot during a blizzard unless you can see a building close by where you know you can take shelter. If you do leave the vehicle, use extra caution because distances are distorted by blowing snow.
    • Run the engine and heater about 10 minutes each hour to keep warm. When the engine is running, open a downwind window slightly for ventilation and periodically clear snow from the exhaust pipe to guard against possible carbon monoxide poisoning.
    • Huddle with other passengers and use your coat or emergency kit blanket to stay warm.
    • Take turns sleeping. One person should be awake at all times to look for rescue crews.
    • Drink fluids to avoid dehydration.



NH DHHS - Reminder that Food Stamp Recipients May Request Replacement Benefits Due to Power Outages

Concord, NH –With the approach of a major winter storm, the New Hampshire

Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) Division of Family

Assistance is reminding Food Stamp recipients that the USDA Food and

Nutrition Service will replace Food Stamp benefits to recipients affected

by any widespread power outages caused by a winter storm.

A refrigerator, if not opened, will keep food safely cold for about four

hours. After four hours without power, perishable food such as meat,

poultry, fish, soft cheese, milk, eggs, leftovers, and deli items should be

discarded. Federal food stamp policy also establishes four hours as the

minimum time for a power outage in order to replace food stamp benefits.

“It is important for their health and safety that individuals follow the

four hour power outage standard,” said DHHS Commissioner Nicholas Toumpas.

“The federal food stamp replacement policy makes the decision to do so

easier because individuals know that they will remain food secure in their

ability to feed themselves and their families after such a household


Food stamp benefits are 100% federally funded. Food Stamp eligibility

policy is also 100% federal, including the policy requirement to replace

benefits lost in these kinds of circumstances. To receive replacement food

stamp benefits, recipients must report the loss within 10 days of the loss

and provide a signed statement indicating the food loss was due to a power

outage related to the storm. The statement must include the total value of

the lost food. An example statement is provided at

Recipients may also contact either their local district office or call

1-800-852-3345 x 9700.