Americans United for Change to Call on SenatorSununu to Vote This week to Expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program(CHIP)

Manchester, NH – As a major debate takes place in the U.S. Senate this week over the future of Children’s healthcare, Americans United for Change will be joined by New Hampshire State Representatives Mike Brunelle and Rep. Jesse Martineau at 3:00 PM at Alpha-Bits Daycare to urge U.S. Senator John Sununu to vote in favor of The Children’s Health Insurance Program(CHIP) Reauthorization Act – meaningful legislation to strengthen the popular program by $35 billion over 5 years, lower the rate of uninsured low-income children, provide states with initiatives to lower the rate of uninsured low income children, improve state tools for outreach and enrollment, and improve the overall quality of healthcare for low income children.

Currently,6.6 million children receive their health care coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program. In addition to preserving coverage for those children, the bi-partisan legislation would also cover an additional 3.2 million kids. With more than 9 million children in the U.S. and the over nineteen thousand children in New Hampshire without any heath insurance – will Senator Sununu do the right thing? With the Senator’s mixed record in support of the CHIP program, New Hampshire families want to know.

“On virtually every issue ranging from the war in Iraq to expanding embryonic stem cell research, John Sununu stands with President Bush over  the best interests and clear wishes of the people of New Hampshire,” said Michael Brunelle, a New Hampshire State Representative. “The vote this week in Senate to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program provides Senator Sununu a golden opportunity to put the people of New Hampshire – in particular, the children of New Hampshire –first ahead of blind loyalty to the President. We’ll be watching.”

WHO: Americans United for Change

New Hampshire State Representatives

WHAT: Senator Sununu Urged to Stand Up for the Thousands Children in New Hampshire without Health Insurance by Voting in Support of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization Act

WHEN: Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 at 3:00PM

WHERE: Alpha-Bits Daycare

333 Allard Drive , Manchester, NH