Anna Burger Walks A Day in the Shoes of an SEIU Parks Worker in New Hampshire

Concord, NH––SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger traveled to New Hampshire today to “walk a day in the shoes” of SEIU member Jessica Levasseur.  She began by meeting Jessica at her office in Concord before traveling to Greenfield State Park to work with Jessica in the camp store and take camp site reservations. 


In her position with the New Hampshire Department of Resources, Jessica serves as a liaison between the department and staff working at nearly 80 state parks. When she’s not working or spending time outdoors, Jessica and her husband Nick are actively involved in local politics.  She played a major role in his recent election to the state house, where Nick is now one of 14 other SEIU members and family members in the New Hampshire legislature.


Jessica, a lifelong resident of the GraniteState, wants the next president to prioritize safeguarding the environment and ensuring access to child care for families.  “Many families can’t afford to have one parent at home but often they also can’t afford hundreds a week for child care,” said Jessica.  “I heard this a lot when my husband and I were knocking on doors for his campaign.  We want to start a family soon, so it’s something we worry about.” 


SEIU members are urging all presidential candidates, Democrats and Republicans, to experience first hand what their lives are like and Walk A Day In Our Shoes.  To date, Senator Edwards and Governor Richardson have walked in the shoes of SEIU members, and Senators Biden, Clinton, Dodd and Obama have also agreed to participate by the end of the summer.


“Everyone wants a chance to have the American Dream,” said AnnaBurger.  “For Jessica, and for all of us, that means having a job where we’re respected, retirement security, and a better life for our kids.  Presidential candidates need to meet people like Jessica and Nick to keep them in their hearts and minds so that they’re able to produce the solutions our country needs.”  


Footage from the program, in addition to photos and videos of SEIU members with the candidates on the campaign trail, can be found at