AUFC criticizes Sen Sununu for Votes Against Human Cloning


[Sen. John] Sununu said the [Americans United forChange] ads were misleading, noting Americans United for Change is a "very liberal special interest funded by union bosses. It is disgraceful that they distort the facts on such an emotional issue for partisan politics."

He said he supports the stem cell research, including on adult, amniotic and embryonic stem cells.

"I voted for legislation that that would allow additional research on new embryonic cell lines created under existing guidelines," Sununu said.

[AssociatedPress, 5/24/07]


“Actually, Senator Sununu is the one being disingenuous about his record and misleading the public on the issue of embryonic stem cell research,” said Michael Brunelle, of Americans United for Change. “The fact is, supporting stem cell research under current federal restrictions – or ‘guidelines’ as the Senator calls it - is the Bush approach, which means restricting efforts to do research on new stem cell lines and delaying and/or preventing the possibility of finding cures to debilitating diseases and spinal cord injuries. This is precisely the problem. If the Senator truly ‘supports stem cell research,’ as he claims, then he must cast the deciding 67th vote needed to override the President’s anticipated veto of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. You can’t have it both ways, Senator Sununu – you’re either for it, or against it. ”

“Talk is pretty cheap these days, and we hope that when the time comes to act, the Senator will represent the vast majority of people in New Hampshire, including members of his own Republican party who support stem cell research by a 2-to-1 margin ,” added Brunelle.


Sununu Voted Against Expanding Stem CellResearch

Sununu opposed funding for embryonic stem cell research. Senator Sununu voted against the passage of a bill that would allow the use of federal funds in research on embryonic stem cell lines derived from surplus embryos at in-vitro fertilization clinics, but only if donors give their consent and are not paid for the embryos. The bill would require the Health and Human Services Department to conduct and support research involving human embryonic stem cells that meet certain criteria, regardless of when stem cells were derived from a human embryo. [HR 810, Vote #206, 7/19/06. CQ, 7/19/06]

Sununu opposed limited stem cell use for cancer & Alzheimer’s research. Senator Sununu voted against an amendment that allowed limited human cloning for research into possible cures for cancer, Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's and other fatal or disabling diseases. The proposal was offered to a bill banning all humancloning – even for health research. [HR 2505, Vote #302, 7/31/01; Boston Globe, 8/2/01]

Sununu voted to restrictstem cell research. Senator Sununu voted for a total ban on human cloning. The legislation would impose a fine of at least $1 million and a prison sentence of up to 10 years on anyone who participates in human cloning. The measure also prohibits importation of a cloned human embryo or its "product" - an undefined provision that ban opponents fear could keep Americans from benefiting from possible cures developed overseas. It would not specifically ban stem cell research, but would prohibit the cloning of human embryos for use in stem cell experiments. Those cells could be used to help repair human tissue or aid in finding cures for cancer, Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's and other fatal or disabling diseases. [HR 2505, Vote #304, 7/31/01; Boston Globe, 8/2/01; Boston Globe, 8/1/01; Associated Press,8/1/01]

Sununu Support s Bush’s Position On Stem Cells: Crippling Federal Restrictions

Sununu said he supported Bush’sposition and establishing a council on bioethics. Senator Sununu stated, "I am satisfied that the President's balanced decision will allow this significant research to move forward. Equally important, in establishing a council on bioethics, the administration will ensure that the ethical ramifications of new areas of medical research are carefully weighed.” [The Union Leader (Manchester NH),8/11/01]

Sununu supported Bush’sposition to allow research on existing stem cell lines. Senator Sununu said he supported President Bush’s decision to only allow stem cell research on existing lines. It was reported that he has opposed using federal funds to open new lines of embryonic stem cells. [The Union Leader (Manchester NH),2/17/05]

See below press compilation following announcement of AUFC’s aggressive $100-120k grassroots and paid media campaign in New Hampshire (including print, radio and potential TV ads) calling on U.S. John Sununu (R-NH) to cast the deciding 67th vote needed to override the President’s anticipated veto of Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. was also launched last week and the radio ad ‘Imagine’ begins airing today statewide in NH and in the Boston media market.

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