AUFC pressures Sen Sununu to support Human Cloning for spare parts

Manchester,NH – With the U.S. House of Representatives passing the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act today by a vote of 247 to 176 with it headed to the President’s desk for a promisedveto, all eyes are focused on U.S. Senator John Sununu (R-NH) who represents the most likely 67th vote in the Senate in favor of overriding such a veto. Americans United for Change, along with concerned citizen in NewHampshire, launched a six figure, month-long campaign last month to convince Senator Sununu, the only member of Congress from New Hampshire who opposes stem cell research, to reverse course, support stem cell research and provide he decidingvote in the Senate to override President Bush’s planned veto.

As a significant newspaper and radio ad buy targeting Sununu continues to make waves in New Hampshire this week ( Click here to hear new radio ad‘Imagine’ Click here to seeaccompanying newspaper ad), a major grassroots effort is underway to pressure Senator Sununu to do the right thing and advance potential cures for debilitating diseases and spinal cord injuries by supporting stemcell research. With President Bush set to veto the Stem Cell EnhancementAct as early as this weekend, New Hampshire citizens, and folks from across the country eager for to find cures for a host of debilitating diseases, will be flooding Senator Sununu’s offices in New Hampshire and in Washington with phone calls, emails and letters over the weekend urging the Senator to stand up for cures and to standup to President Bush on behalf of his constituents.

In New Hampshire, a candlelight vigil is planned tonight in Manchester, a rally is planned on Monday in front of Senator Sununu’s Manchester office and a letter writing campaign is underway.

“The moment of truth is at hand for Senator Sununu. Will he side with Senator Gregg and a large majority of the people of New Hampshire he was elected to represent and support stem cellresearch – or will he continue to side with President Bush and oppose the most promising science ever to find cures for debilitating diseases and injuries?” asked Michael Brunelle, of Americans United for Change in NewHampshire. “We are not letting up on Senator Sununu – this issue is too important to too many people not to go the distance to convince him to do the right thing and support stem cell research. Victims of debilitating diseases and injuries have waited long enough. It’s time that Senator Sununu join the majority of his constituents and the majority of Americans and support this responsible and groundbreaking science which holds so much hope for so many people.”

“We are holding a candle light vigil today to remember all the people who suffered and died from terrible illnesses like Cancer and Alzheimer’s -- illnesses that may some day see a cure if stemcell research were allowed to realize it’s full potential,” said New Hampshire State Representative Sandra Smith. “We’re doing this to appeal directly to Senator Sununu -- to tell him to do the right thing and stand up to the President when he once again tries to stamp out hope for so many.”

In the Senate, there are 66 votes to override the President’s veto of S.5 – the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. Senate insiders believe that John Sununu is the most likely 67th vote to override , pointing out that: 1) Senator Sununu, who is up for reelection in 2008, is the only Member of the New Hampshire congressional delegation who does not support expanding federally funded stem cell research; 2) the Senator has bucked his own party leadership in the past; and 3) the Senator’s opposition to stem cell research is out of step with the vast majority of people in New Hampshire and members of his own state party. In fact, New Hampshire Republicans support stem cell research by a 2-to-1 margin, according to a January 2007 SurveyUSA poll.

Americans United for Change is a non-profit, non-partisan 501c4 issue-advocacy organization perhaps best known for leading the fight to beat back President Bush’s terribly misguided proposal to privatize Social Security back in 2005. Last month, Americans United launched a $100,000television ad campaign in New Hampshire calling on Senator Sununu to bring a safe and responsible end to the war in Iraq.

Join us tonight…
Tonight at 8:00 P.M.,dozens of stem cell advocates and other concerned citizens including NewHampshire State Representatives Mike Farley and Sandra Smith will gather for a candlelight vigil in front of Senator Sununu’s office in Manchester where they will call on the Senator to place the promise of stem cell research above his loyalty to President Bush and vote to override the President’s veto when it comes before the Senate as early as next week.

Representative Mike Farley

Representative Sandra Smith

Catherine "CeCe"Hackett, ManchesterNAACP

Dr. Travis Harker

Americans United for Change

WHAT: Candle Light Vigil Calling on Senator Sununu to

Support Expanding Federally Funded Stem Cell Research

WHEN: Thursday, June 7, 2007 at 8:00 PM

WHERE: Senator Sununu’s Manchester Office

Manchester, NH 03101