Brownback Closes Solid Third Quarter, Carries No Campaign Debt

Eligible for at least $2.1 million in FEC matching funds

DES MOINES – The Brownback for President campaign, which carries no debt, raised $925,745.22 in the third quarter of 2007 and is eligible for at least $2.1 million in federal matching funds. To date the campaign has total receipts of just over $4.2 million.

"With a crowded field and an entire month during which Senator Brownback campaigned in Iowa without holding fundraising events, we are pleased with the level of support for Senator Brownback's message," said John Rankin, spokesman for Brownback for President. "We have always expected to run a grassroots campaign and to make the most of limited resources. The option of over $2 million in federal matching funds would provide additional support as we move forward."