Buckey Campaign "Together, we can make this happen"

In the last two weeks, one new opponent has entered the race for US Senate in New Hampshire -- and two former opponents have exited. But I’m in the race to stay.

I need your help to win in the November 08 election. September 30th marks an important deadline where we will need to report our fundraising totals to the FEC and the public. Please donate $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford now, so that I can bring New Hampshire new leadership and new energy as a Democrat in the US Senate.

Right now, I’m one of only two Democratic candidates for US Senate in New Hampshire. In the upcoming months, I’m looking forward to debating the vital issues our country is facing, including:

*The war in Iraq
*Global warming and our dependence on fossil fuels
*A health care crisis that leaves millions uninsured

I believe that New Hampshire’s dynamic primary season will offer voters a real choice of visions for the future. Primaries are a crucial tool of democracies. Voters deserve to choose their candidates on their own.

Currently, however, the Washington-based Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is sending out fundraising e-mails that direct you to donate to just one New Hampshire senate candidate—and it’s not me. The DSCC seems to be saying that, because the stakes are so high for the 2008 election, we can’t afford to trust democracy – and New Hampshire's primary system --to choose the best candidate. But the past seven years have shown us where this kind of thinking leads.

Why don’t you send the DSCC a message by contributing to my campaign?

Our democracy has carried us through tough times. We made it through the Depression, two World Wars, and the Cold War. So to think now that we couldn’t succeed in 2008 if we had a primary shows a striking lack of confidence in our system.

We need to have faith in the democratic system our founding fathers created. If the DSCC is right, and they have an incredibly strong candidate, that will be clear in the primary. And that person will be stronger for having had the challenge.

But I believe that my background in science and research, health care, the military, and the space program will serve the people of New Hampshire and this nation well in the Senate. Over the last few months, I have crisscrossed the state, making my case to voters, and the response has been very encouraging. With your help, we can win in 2008.

Please send a contribution now to support my campaign and grassroots democracy in New Hampshire.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jay Buckey