Climb it for the Climate - White Mountains Rally

Citizens rally on top of peaks in the White Mountain's Presidential Range to send a message about global warming:

"What would Washington do? Cut Carbon 80% by 2050!"

WHAT: On July14, 2007 , groups of hikers will ascend each of the peaks named after a former president in the White Mountain's Presidential Range to send a message about global warming. By the end of the day, organizers hope to have a picture of a group on each summit holding a banner with a message that honors their mountain's namesake: "What would [president's name] do? Cut Carbon 80% by 2050!" A slideshow of the pictures will be presented that evening in North Conway.

WHEN: Saturday, July 14, 2007

WHERE: On top of Mts. Adams, Eisenhower, Jefferson, Monroe, Pierce, Quincy Adams, Washington - - and in North Conway in the evening.

WHO: Climb it for the Climate is being organized by the group of students behind the "March to Re-energize New Hampshire," a five-day walk for real climate solutions from August 1-5. The July 14 event is one of many summer activities and projects leading up to the culminating march. For more information about the march, visit:

VISUALS: Groups of hikers on top of windswept summits, holding banners with a hilarious and powerful message.

WHY: Global warming threatens some of NewHampshire's most meaningful and important natural resources. The snow that covers our mountains and makes our ski industry possible. The brilliant fall colors that grace our hills and attract thousands of tourists to our state. At the same time, we already have the solutions we need to rise to this challenge.With the help of our former presidents, we can send a strong message to our country that we must solve global warming.

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