Clinton, Edwards overheard planning to eliminate other Democratic candidates

Dover N.H. July 13, 2007 "Candidates, no matter how important or influential they perceive themselves to be, do not have and should not have the power to determine who is allowed to speak to the American public and who is not," according to Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

Unaware that their microphones were still on following an NAACP Presidential Forum in Detroit on Thursday, Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator John Edwards agreed to try to eliminate other Democratic Presidential candidates from future debates.

According to the Associated Press, "Fox news microphones picked up Clinton and Edwards discussing their desire to limit future joint appearances to exclude some rivals lower in the crowded field."

"We should try to have a more serious and a smaller group," Edwards was overheard telling Clinton, according to the AP.

Clinton agreed, according to the AP. "We've got to cut the number...They're not serious." Clinton added that she thought her campaign and Edwards' had previously been discussing steps to eliminate other candidates. "We've got to get back to it," Clinton told Edwards.

"Imperial candidates are as repugnant to the American people and to our Democracy as an imperial President," said Kucinich, a candidate for President, and promised the Kucinich campaign will immediately take steps to address the planned actions of the Clinton and Edwards campaigns.