Clinton Launches New Ad in IA, NH Touting Commitment to Universal Health Care

New Poll: Dems Back Hillary on Health Care

A day after releasing a comprehensive plan to provide quality, affordable coverage to all Americans, the Clinton Campaign is launching a new television ad in Iowa and New Hampshire this morning detailing Hillary’s efforts over the last few decades to expand health coverage for all Americans. Hillary also held a live webcast last night at 8PM and answered live questions about her plan.

Watch the ad:

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The new 30-second spot, entitled “Health Care Plan,”

details Hillary’s experience on the health care issue, focusing on her efforts to pass universal health care in the early 1990s and her perseverance in championing the Children’s Health Insurance Program that now covers more than 6 million children a year. It also talks about her successful effort to get the drug companies to lower the cost of vaccinations to make sure every child in America gets a healthy start.

Hillary’s American Health Choices plan unveiled yesterday would improve quality and lower cost while preserving consumer choices. For those who like their health insurance, they could keep it. For the 47 million uninsured and those who don’t like their health care coverage, they could choose from a range of private plans or a public plan modeled on Medicare. To read more about Hillary’s health care plan, visit .

The CBS News poll released last night reveals that Democrats back Hillary on health care and consider her experience on the issue to be a major asset. Democrats view Hillary more favorably on the health care issue than any of the other Democrats seeking the nomination, with 61 percent are confident she will make the right decisions for the country on health care policy. Two-thirds of all voters think her experience on the issue helps her.

Following is the script for the ad:



“Health Care Plan”





Voice Over: She changed our thinking when she introduced universal health care to America.



She changed the lives of six million kids when she championed the bill that gave them health insurance.



And she changed future generations by pushing the drug companies to lower the cost of vaccinations.



Now she has a health care plan that lets you keep your coverage if you like it, provides affordable choices if you don’t and covers every American.



So if you¹re ready for change, she’s ready to lead.



HRC: I¹m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.