Concord Climate Change Rally


WHAT:  Free Concert by AM/PM Band from 12 – 1 PM, Climate Change Rally from 1 – 3 PM.

Concord area residents, neighbors, and friends come together at the State House to demand leadership on climate change. As one of twelve events throughout NH, Concord is pleased to join a national effort to assert that climate change is an issue that must be addressed by all levels of government. On Saturday, November 3rd, Americans will demand leadership on climate change. From coast to coast, citizens will rally in our communities. The event in Concord will feature leaders from all levels of government.

WHERE: New Hampshire State House 107 Main Street Concord, NH

WHEN: AM/PM Band plays from 12 Noon to 1 PM – Rally from 1 PM to 3 PM

SPEAKERS: Confirmed speakers include – US Senator Chris Dodd, candidate for US President; Former NH Governor Jean Shaheen, candidate for US Senate; Former US Representative David Bonior (for US Senator John Edwards); Former US EPA Administrator Carol Browner (for US Senator Hillary Clinton); Dr. James Buckey, candidate for US Senate; Concord Mayor Jim Donovan; Concord City Councilor Katherine Rogers, candidate for Concord Mayor; NH Representative Steve Shurtleff.

All are invited to attend the rally, join the conversation and be an engaged part of the solution!

Organizations, businesses, and political campaigns will be offering information and opportunities to be engaged in the effort. People of all ages will join together to illustrate that climate change is an issue of critical importance. A clothesline project will be on display to represent how small changes like air-drying clothes can help reduce emissions. Green-products and environmental organizations will be attending and sharing ideas on what we can do as individuals and collectively to make a positive change.

CONTACT: Kally Abrams

Step it Up Concord Co-Coordinator

About Step It Up: Step it Up is a nationwide campaign. Events are being held in major cities, iconic locations and small towns across America. It is our hope that these short term campaigns will help nurture the friendships and rekindle the courage necessary to create a larger movement that will eventually transform the way we power our world. The movement will have many faces, many names, many organizations, and many calls to action. It's up to us to continue to strive for further emissions cuts, further leadership, and further prosperity for our shared future. For more information, please visit: