Conservation Voters Buy Ad Time for Debates

Concord, NH -- The Granite State Conservation Voters Education Fund today announced that they will be airing their first television advertisements in the lead-up to the upcoming Democrat and Republican presidential debates.

The :30 ad, being run in conjunction with the League of Conservation Voters , features Robert Redford, and will begin airing on cable networks across the state this weekend. The advertisement is part of The Heat Is On, a non partisan campaign to make global warming a priority issue during the presidential primaries and beyond. The Heat Is On campaign is active in the four early voting states: New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada.

“We have seen that the issue of global warming is on peoples’ minds across New Hampshire and across the country,” said Bruce Clendenning, Projects Manager for the Granite State Conservation Voters Education Fund. “When campaigning in New Hampshire, all candidates for president should be prepared to tell the public what they plan to do as president to take a leadership role in cutting carbon emissions and solving global warming.”

In addition to the television ads, the two organizations will be partnering to run several statewide newspaper advertisements to raise the debate on global warming.

“Here in New Hampshire, 164 towns passed a climate change resolution at Town Meeting specifically calling for federal action to reduce the carbon emissions that cause global warming,” continued Clendenning. “It is clear that people here expect the next president to make solving global warming a top priority.”

In the New Hampshire Primary tradition, the public is encouraged to ask all candidates questions about their ideas on solving global warming. The Heat Is On campaign will make candidates’ responses, video clips, blogs, and more available on its website,, throughout the primary campaign.

Transcript of the 30 second television ad:

Redford: In every generation there are a few defining moments when we have the chance to chart a new course that will leave our children a better world.

Our time is now and our challenge is to solve global warming.

Television Announcer 1 : The evidence of global warming is quote unequivocal

Television Announcer 2: Humans are responsible for global warming

Television Announcer 3 : A looming climate catastrophe

Redford: We need to challenge all of the Presidential candidates to make solving global warming a top priority. Go to and seize the future…our future.