Conserve NH on Gov. Lynch’s Signing of Civil Unions Bill

Statement by Conserve NH Chairman Paul Nagy :

“We, along with the majority of our fellow citizens, are disappointed that Gov. Lynch has agreed to rewrite New Hampshire’s marriage laws with this unpublicized signing of the civil unions bill. The governor and the New Hampshire General Court should be on alert that while they have attempted to slide though this drastic change in New Hampshire’s marriage laws with little public input and attention, every New Hampshire voter will be made aware of this unpopular payoff to liberal special interests. Our mission now evolves to pushing for repeal of the civil union law.”

CONSERVE NH is a grassroots organization formed by regular citizens to defend traditional values against the onslaught of radical legislation out of Concord. Conserve NH has gathered over 900 petition signatures urging Gov. Lynch to veto the civil unions bill through its website The organization will now focus on pushing for repeal of the civil unions law.