'Cosmo' says It's All About The Kids


Some of you might know that I am spending the summer working for a program called Northfield Mt. Hermon Upward Bound. I was a student in the program and have spend the last three summers working as a staff member.

This summer I have had the pleasure to work with Victoria Cavanaugh, who has started a program called Nuestro Ahora. The aim of her program is to "provide disadvantaged children in El Salvador with an opportunity to attend an institution of higher education while equipping them with the skills necessary to become engaged citizens."

The website is a work in progress, but feel free to contact Vicktoria Cavanaugh at: nuestroahora@gmail.com
I urge all of you to support this worthy cause.
That information and updated presidential news can be found at: www.nh2008.blogspot.com