Dal LaMagna It's Going to Be a Busy Weekend!

Dal's campaign is catching fire.

This Sunday, on C-Span's Road to the White House, there'll be a piece filmed during Dal's official entrance into the presidential race.  C-Span plans to air a clip of their footage on Sunday, July 29 at 6:34 pm (EDT) on C-Span 1.

Dal will also be the focal point of a one-hour episode of Public Radio's "This American Life," called Innocents Abroad: Episode #337.

Dal LaMagna, working as if he is the president that we all wish we had, decided to go to the Middle East to work toward ending the violence in Iraq. There he and Mohammed al-Dynee, a member of Iraq's Parliament met with tribal chiefs, sheiks, and other Iraqi leaders - as well as generals and other members of the coalition forces.. Hear the audio diary of his remarkable journey through the Middle East as a would-be citizen statesman. This and other stories of people who go abroad, not realizing what awaits them. Broadcasts July 27-29 on This American Life. (Clicking on the link will bring you to the promo page, where you can also click on the photo and hear the program's intro.)