Dal LaMagna to Enter 2008 Presidential Race

Concord, New Hampshire -- July 10:  Progressive businessman Dal LaMagna returned from Baghdad and began campaigning today in New Hampshire.  Emerging from 11 months of dialogue with members of the U.S. Congress,  Iraqi Parliamentarians and other leaders, LaMagna has worked tirelessly to devise strategies for reducing and ending the violence in Iraq against our troops and Iraqis.  

What are his latest findings?  The U.S. occupation of Iraq needs to move towards a rapid and responsible conclusion.  LaMagna sees that the best way to campaign for President is to do the job the President should be doing -- to end the crisis in Iraq.  "The way forward for America is through peace in Iraq," said Dal LaMagna.  "The first step is an announcement from the Bush Administration that the U.S. is leaving Iraq.  This admission will open the doors to negotiations with the Iraqi Resistance to help us leave safely and with honor."  

During the rest of the summer, when not in Iraq helping facilitate discussions between the Coalition Forces and Iraqis, Mr. LaMagna will be on the ground in New Hampshire bringing the voices of Iraqis he has heard to New Hampshire residents.

The LaMagna for President campaign plans to launch a series of unique ads featuring the voices of Iraqis who, like the majority of Americans, see the withdrawal of U.S. troops as necessary to end the violence.  For the initial roll out, the ads will run in New Hampshire. LaMagna filed with the FEC as a democratic candidate for President on April 3, 2007. He plans to announce in New Hampshire within the week.

Mr. Dal LaMagna is the founder of the Progressive Government Institute (PGI), a non-partisan, educational organization dedicated to ensuring transparency and accountability in the executive branch of the United States federal government.  In 2005, he merged this organization with the Backbone Campaign.

Dal ran for U.S. Congress twice in the 3rd Congressional District in New York as the Democratic and Green candidate in 1996 and 2000, respectively.  During the 2006 federal elections, Dal served as an active chair of Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell's re-election campaign.

Dal received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1971 and his MPA (Master's in public administration) in 2002 from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and graduated as a Littauer Fellow.

Dal LaMagna founded Tweezerman International in 1980 and built it into a multi-national, premier personal care tool brand that practices responsible capitalism.  Part of the company's mission is to benefit all stakeholders -- including financial partners, employees, customers, vendors, the community and the natural environment.  While at Tweezerman, Dal traveled throughout the world extensively.

Dal sold Tweezerman, U.S.A. in December of 2004 and also sold his share of Tweezerman, India in 2005 to Zwilling J.A. Henckels Company, a privately held German company that continues the practice of responsible capitalism.  Dal's U.S.A. employees kept their jobs and shared $10 million dollars in capital gains because each one was a shareholder in the company.  Dal's India employees kept their jobs and received a half year's salary as a gift from Dal and his two partners when the transaction completed.  Dal serves on the board of directors of  the Bainbridge Graduate Institute which offers students a MBA in Sustainable Business.

For more information on Dal LaMagna, visit: http://www.lamagnaforpresident.com/Campaign/dal_bio.asp.