Dark Horse Candidate Appears

Dal LaMagna To Run Creative Campaign

Concord, NH- Sept. 2- Concord, NH- Progressive businessman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dal LaMagna brought a dark horse through Concord and past a throng at the State House this afternoon, with a message for Hillary, and the other candidates running for president:

"I am not on a high horse. We must come down and listen to the people," LaMagna said.  And when LaMagna says "listen to the people," he doesn't just mean Granite State voters.
"I am trying to bring Iraqi voices into this campaign," LaMagna said.  "If you listen to the Iraqi people, like I have, you find they want what Americans want, and that's an end to this war.  They want us out now, with our honor and dignity."

LaMagna entered the race for the Democratic nomination less than a month ago because he felt the debate on how to end the Iraq War had stalled.  The self-described "progressive capitalist" plans to spend close to a million dollars of his own money on his New Hampshire campaign, most of it on advertisements highlighting people's voices, and their desire for us to leave Iraq. His ads have already run in New Hampshire.
LaMagna Just Back from the Middle East
LaMagna is listening to the people. Having just returned from a fourth trip to the Middle East in his effort to "bring an end to the violence in Iraq now," LaMagna believes the candidates should listen more closely to the people in Iraq.
During his multiple trips to Baghdad and Amman, Jordan, where many Iraqis are in exile, LaMagna has met with top American generals, including Petraeus (USA) and Lamb (UK), sheiks, members of the Iraqi parliament, and numerous individual Iraqis. He has hosted a member of the Iraqi Parliament in Washington, DC, where he maintains a home.
"I might be the dark horse candidate, riding in a bit late," LaMagna said, "but I'm serious about steering national attention toward the voices of the thousands of Iraqis in danger and in exile who think it is high time for us to leave."

Dal LaMagna's Track Record
Since selling his multi-million dollar business, Tweezerman, a company that practiced responsible capitalism, Mr. LaMagna has put his millions where his mouth is: into progressive causes.  His funding helped launch Air America Radio and the Huffington Post, as well as the award-winning film "Iraq for Sale," for which he was the executive producer.  He was also the executive producer for "The Ground Truth" and "The War Tapes," a New Hampshire directed movie that put cameras in the hands of National Guardsmen. Another film, "Meeting Resistance," which he has helped underwrite began screening in August. It is a verité-style non-fiction feature-length film set in the streets, alleyways and ubiquitous teashops of the Adhamiya neighborhood of Baghdad. It enters the physical and psychological heart of the "insurgency" against the American occupation.
Twice a candidate for Congress in New York's 3rd District, Mr. LaMagna was a Chair of US Senator Maria Cantwell's campaign in 2006. Mr. LaMagna founded The Progressive Government Institute in Cambridge, MA (www.progressivegovernment.com). Mr. LaMagna spends most of the year in Poulsbo, WA.
Mr. LaMagna received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1971 and his master's in public administration in 2002 from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government where he was named a Littauer Fellow.