DC Draft Gore Press Release

DC Draft Gore Prepared to put Al Gore on Primary Ballot

Organizers of DC Draft Gore have decided to continue the nationwide trend and will gather the necessary signatures to place formerVice-President Al Gore on the district's primary ballot next year. In addition to the 1,000 signatures that must be collected from registered Democratic Party voters, Al Gore must submit a candidate affidavit. "We already have many volunteers ready and rearing to go start the petition process once the proper forms become available on October 8," said James Skoufis, one of the drive's organizers.

The District of Columbia would only be the most recent of many efforts nationwide to put the Oscar, Emmy, and perhaps soon-to-be Nobel Peace Prize winning statesman on their primary ballot. Michigan, California, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Illinois, Washington, among other states already have petition drives underway. "He was the first major American politician to oppose the Iraq War, he has single-handedly made climate change a global priority, and, lets face it, has already won a presidential election before," says Nelson Jacobson, the group's founder.

Gore has continually refused to rule out the possibility of running in 2008 and the group hopes that their efforts will help make his decision easier. "With thousands ofvolunteers already mobilizing on behalf of Gore, we hope he will take notice and be encouraged to join the fray. At this critical juncture in our history, we cannot afford to settle for second best," says Skoufis. Likewise, many polls suggest Gore would become an instant frontrunner should he decide to run – in the critical early state of New Hampshire, Gore was leading all candidates with 36% in a recent poll taken by the WHDH-TV and Suffolk University.

For more information, visit America for Gore (http://americaforgore.org),the unity group for all Draft Gore activities.