Dodd and Shea-Porter Rally Supporters to End the War in Iraq

Manchester, NH - The Dodd for President Campaign today sponsored a "Day of Action to End the War," inviting opponents of the war in Iraq to participate in an array of activities designed to bring pressure on President Bush and Congress to begin redeploying U.S. forces immediately.

Senator Chris Dodd and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter kicked off the event and promised to continue to fight in Congress to responsibly end the war.

"Democrats were elected to change the course of the country - to strengthen our security and restore our values - and for too long this Congress has failed to do so," said Dodd. "Failed to stand up for what's right and failed to get the job done. It's time to take a stand and I ask you to stand with me today."

Dodd has worked tirelessly in the Senate to get firm deadline tied to funding for the withdrawal of all U.S troops by April 2008. He was the first candidate in the Senate to support the Feingold-Reid Bill, and the only candidate to cosponsor the legislature. The bill would have set a firm deadline for the redeployment of combat troops and would end funding for combat operations  after the deadline.

Earlier this week, Dodd put a "hold" on the latest FISA bill that would have included amnesty for telecommunications companies that enabled the President's assault on the Constitution by illegally providing personal information on their customers without judicial authorization.

Participants in the "Day of Action" were invited to:

  • Phone the White House and New Hampshire's two U.S. Senators
  • Sign an On-Line Petition Opposing the War
  • Record Video Testimonials for YouTube
  • Write Postcards to New Hampshire voters
  • Make Posters for visibility
  • Canvass Door-to-Door

Mary Heslin, a participant from Manchester, echoed many in the crowd who support Dodd's plan to end the war and are frustrated with Republicans and Democrats for inaction: "I'm so desperate for a Democrat with a spine and Chris Dodd is it. That's why I'm supporting him."