Dodd Campaign Offers Unprecedented Look into Campaign Life

WASHINGTON - Senator Chris Dodd's Presidential campaign will be holding an extended day of D-TV, a multi-channel video window into the campaign. Dodd, who has been praised by Jeff Jarvis of the Washington Post's Channel 08 as being "more open and expansive with his Internet video strategy than most of the candidates," will have his campaign staff on hand for live chats with voters across the country.

"With D-TV we are able to use groundbreaking technology to give supporters across the country the ability to get involved with our campaign in a very direct way," said internet director Tim Tagaris. "The extended day of D-TV will give viewers an unprecedented opportunity to interact with senior members of the Dodd Campaign and gain a greater understanding of what exactly happens in the day to day operations of the campaign."

Participants in D-TV's inaugural day of extended coverage include Communications Director Hari Sevugan, Deputy Campaign Manager Matt Butler, Political Director Scott Arceneaux, Internet Director Tim Tagaris and Policy Director Amos Hochstein. The full schedule of D-TV coverage is below.

D-TV Schedule
12:00     Chat with Communications Director Hari Sevugan
12:10     Live office camera
12:30     Chat with Deputy Campaign Manager Matt Butler
12:45     Live office camera
1:00       Chat with Policy Director Amos Hochstein
1:15       Live office camera
1:30      Chat with Internet Director Tim Tagaris
1:45      Live office camera
2:00      Chat with Political Director Scott Arceneaux
2:25      Live office camera
2:45      Chat with Scheduler Jennifer Goodman
3:15      Chat with Blogger Matt Browner-Hamlin
5:00      Nightly newscast
5:30      Chat with Finance Director Vince Frillici