Draft Gore Petition Nets More Than 1000 NH Voters

(Littleton, New Hampshire) - More than 1000 New Hampshire voters have signed a petition asking former Vice President Al Gore to enter the New Hampshire primary.

The draft Gore petition drive is being conducted this summer byvolunteers from Draft Gore New Hampshire, a non-partisan, statewide grassroots organization based in Littleton.

"The results of our petition drive indicate that there is a strong undercurrent of support for Al Gore in New Hampshire which is not reflected accurately in polls or in the opinions of visiting out-of-state media pundits," according to Farrell Seiler, statewide coordinator of the organization.

Draft Gore New Hampshire is not supported, endorsed or affiliated with, or authorized, by Al Gore, or any candidate or political campaign, says Farrell Seiler, state coordinator.

The petition is being circulated at picnics, campaign events, fairs, and parades this summer and will continue throughout the fall.

"The success of our July and August petition campaign shows that Granite State voters yearn for a strong, experienced world-class leader to run for president," says Seiler who is chairman of the New Hampshire Wind Energy Association.

Without being an announced candidate, polls already give Gore between 8%-32% of the New Hampshire primary vote.

But polls this early can be very deceptive, says Seiler. "No one knows how strong the support really is for any of the announced presidential candidates." Today's poll popularity, says Seiler,"is no predictor of tomorrow's electability."

An analysis of the registration of 400 of the draft Gore petition signers reveals that 45% are undeclared, 36% are Democrats, 11% are Republicans.

Relying on petition signers, Draft Gore New Hampshire is setting upsteering committees in all New Hampshire counties. The group already has active volunteers in 36 targeted vote-rich towns and is adding more towns and volunteers each week.

These volunteers are identifying Gore supporters, databasing voter lists, setting up telephone banks-preparing to turn out thousands of Gore supporters on Primary Day.

When Al Gore officially announces, says Seiler, "We'll roll."