Draft Shaheen Meets Goal Four Weeks Ahead of Schedule

The Draft Shaheen Committee announced today that more than 1000 New Hampshire residents are asking former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen to run for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate. Kathy Sullivan, former New Hampshire Democratic Party chair, and the founder of the Draft Shaheen Committee, stated, "This is another sign of the excitement and enthusiasm that will greet a Shaheen candidacy. When we started this effort less than two months ago, I hoped we would have 1000 supporters by the end of August, but we met our goal of 1000 supporters by the end of July. I underestimated how much people want Governor Shaheen to run!"

The list of over 1000 names represents a broad cross section of Granite Staters. In addition to three state senators and 33 state representatives, the list includes individuals from every county in New Hampshire. "We have supporters from towns and cities across the state, from Nashua to Pittsburgh, from Durham to Keene, from Rochester to Lebanon," said Sullivan. "Governor Shaheen's supporters represent the extended grass roots of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. In addition to a number of elected officials, we have hundreds and hundreds of people who have signed up because they went on line to sign our petition, or who were at local Democratic committee events, or who said yes when their friends or family members asked them to sign up. This effort is New Hampshire based, and New Hampshire grown, and if Governor Shaheen decides to run, she will have a committed organization of New Hampshire people ready to volunteer to help her become our next Senator."

Jeanne Shaheen is a former teacher, New Hampshire State Senator and a former three term Governor. Under her leadership, health care for New Hampshire's children was expanded, and she successfully pushed the HMO Accountability Act through the legislature. As Governor, she oversaw the enactment of groundbreaking legislation requiring reduction in pollution by power companies, and the establishment of the LCHIP program to protect the Granite State's land and cultural heritage. Governor Shaheen also signed legislation repealing laws that criminalized abortion, and that prohibited gays and lesbians from adopting or serving as foster parents. She also signed into law an act that includes sexual orientation in New Hampshire's anti-discrimination legislation. Currently, Jeanne Shaheen is the Director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

The Draft Shaheen Committee is an unauthorized committee, and not affiliated with any candidate or candidate's committee.