Draft Shaheen Responds to NH Republican Party Chair Fergus Cullen

According to the Concord Monitor ("She keeps campaigns on their toes," Aug. 19), New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Fergus Cullen doesn't believe the efforts to kick John Sununu out of office are coming from New Hampshire. I guess he hasn't heard about the nearly 1200 New Hampshire residents who have lined up to support Jeanne Shaheen and are eager to send a Democratic Senator to Washington. Well, if the numbers don't impress Fergus, maybe we should allow our supporters to speak for themselves:

From Stephen in Nashua,

Jeanne: We need a strong leader in the U.S. Senate to represent the citizens of New Hampshire. We need you now. As Senator you will do great things for our country the same way that you did for Granite Staters when you served with high integrity as Governor. We will be standing by you 100% when you become the next Senator of the Great State of New Hampshire.

From Diane in Salem,

Stand up for the people of NH. John Sununu doesn't!

From Lynn in Gilford,

We need a person in the Senate that won't play politics and knows how to get positive things done.I supported Jeanne Shaheen as NH Governor and would definitely support her if she ran for the Senate in '08. Please consider doing so!

From Dave in Mount Vernon,
What a terrible shame it would be if New Hampshire missed out on having someone as our senator who is most qualified to truly represent all of the people! This is really beyond politics. It's about what our state needs and what America needs.

Kathy Sullivan, former New Hampshire Democratic Party chair, and the founder of the Draft Shaheen Committee, stated,"If these comments from our website don't resonate with Fergus, then I don't know what will. These are just four of the hundreds of comments New Hampshire voters have written on our website and taken together they are a powerful call for change. "

The Draft Shaheen Committee is an unauthorized committee,and not affiliated with any candidate or candidate'scommittee.