DSCC Asks 'Where is John Sununu Hiding?'

In case you missed it – John Sununu has been hiding from national news programs instead of appearing to defend his record of backing George Bush’s failed policy in Iraq. MSNBC had the story last night.

Tucker, MSNBC, 9/24/07

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SHUSTER: If you have been watching cable news programs lately, you may have noticed the disappearance of a certain breed of guest, specifically Republican senators up for re-election. It`s not that we have not tried to find them. In fact, we know who they are. They have names like Coleman and Sununu. But interview invitations that we provide almost daily to these senators are now routinely turned down. The answer appears to be Iraq. These lawmakers have voted to keep the war going. but when it comes to explaining their votes on programs like this one, well, forget about it.

Back with their insight are "Newsweek`s" senior White House correspondent Richard Wolffe and MSNBC political analyst and contributing editor at the "Congressional Quarterly," Craig Crawford. Craig, smart idea, as much as we hate it -- smart idea for these Republicans who vote to keep the war going not to come on national media programs?

CRAWFORD: Any incumbents in trouble for re-election, either party, tend to get scripted by consultants and to stick to those scripts means not to go on shows where people like David Shuster will ask tough questions that they don`t expect and get off their message.

SHUSTER: Just wait until our next segment. In any case, Richard, is think a vulnerability though for senators like Coleman and Sununu and the rest who are up for re-election,who have taken these votes -- and they have come out with public statements and press releases. But when it comes down to brass tactics, they have voted to keep the war going indefinitely.

WOLFFE: There is a real danger. They don`t know how the war is going to play out over the next several months. That`s why most of the votes are already blockingvotes. They are stopping the Democrats from moving forward, so they can appear loyal without being too loyal when it comes to the war. You know, it`s become alot easier, the calculation for these Republicans, where there are majority Republicans in the states, because Republican opinion has shifted back towards the president over the course of the year.

But if there are a lot of independent voters, as John Sununu will find, then you`re in some trouble.

SHUSTER: The president was asked in his news conference the other day whether or not he was an asset or a liability. He said I`m an asset. Do Republicans really believe that?

WOLFFE: I`m not sure the president does either. He may want to be an asset. But, no, he`s under no illusion that -- he is not going to be the most popular man. And he wasn`t the most popular man on the campaign trail in 2006. They want his money. They just don`t want him to be campaigning with them and the new governor of Florida actually did that. He stood him up at one of the last campaign stops in 2006.


Matthew Miller

Communications Director

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee