DSCC Launches AD Urging Sununu to Support New Direction in Iraq

Click Here to view the ad running in New Hampshire

As the Senate begins debate on a defense measure dealing with the war in Iraq,the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a new television advertisement today urging Republican Senator John Sununu to stop backing President Bush’s open-ended commitment to policing a civil war and support a Democratic proposal to redeploy troops from the country.

“Four times this year John Sununu has had the opportunity to support a new direction in Iraq, and four times he has instead voted for George Bush’s failed status quo,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. “This week he has a chance to listen to his constituents and do the right thing for the country. It’s time for Sununu to stop taking his marching orders from the president and vote to end this war.”

The Senate is currently considering the Defense Authorization bill and is expected to vote later this week on a series of amendments requiring the president to take a new direction in Iraq. The ads, which will air in the Manchester media market, are the first the DSCC has launched in 2007.