DSCC says Sununu sides with Bush, votes against a set time and date

For the fifth time this year, New Hampshire Senator John Sununu votedt o stay the course in Iraq today, rejecting a Democratic proposal to end the war in Iraq by redeploying most U.S.troops by April 2008. Siding against his New Hampshire constituents, Sununu’s vote ensures that President Bush will be able to continue to pursue his failed Iraq policy with little accountability.

“John Sununu had a chance to alter history today by changing course in Iraq, but instead he sided yet again with George Bush,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. “New Hampshirites are demanding a new direction in Iraq, but John Sununu keeps stubbornly voting for more of the same. Sununu’s unfailing support for Bush’s failed policy is out of touch with New Hampshire, and next year the voters will hold him accountable.”

Levin-Reed Plan Would Bring Most Troops Home Next Spring. The amendment Sununu rejected today would redeploy all U.S.troops from Iraq by April30, 2008 except those targeted to counterterrorism activities, training of Iraqi security forces, and protection of U.S. personnel. It would also call for a comprehensive diplomatic, political and economic strategy, includingworking with other countries in the region, and seeking the appointment of an international mediator under the auspices of the UN Security Council to try to bring stability to Iraq.[Levin Statement, 7/17/07]

Sununu Has Now Voted Five Times Against Withdrawal This Year Alone. This morning, Sununu voted against the Levin-Reed proposal to bring most U.S.troops home from Iraq by April 30, 2008, with the withdrawal beginning within 120 days. Sununu voted against similar withdrawal plans four times in March and April. [Vote #251, 7/18/07;Vote #147, 4/26/07;Vote #126, 3/29/07,Vote #116, 3/27/07;,Vote #75, 3/15/07;NPR, 7/17/07]