Edwards Campaign - Weekly Backgrounder - October 12, 2007

Happy Friday from JEFP-NH, where we think it’s starting to get a little too chilly out for flip-flops, don’t you?


Edwards draws distinctions on Clinton flip-flops

ABCNews.com: Clinton Privately Weighs Social Security Tax Hike
Edwards Criticizes Discrepancy with Public Posture


“…a reporter for The Associated Press wrote that she had overheard Clinton, who has rejected the Edwards plan in public, privately tell a prospective voter she would consider a Social Security tax hike that resembles the approach favored by the former North Carolina senator.”

Associated Press: Clinton says she’d negotiate with Iran


“In July, she criticized those who said they would meet with the leaders of Iran for negotiations without preconditions, calling them ‘irresponsible’ and ‘naïve.’ But yesterday, she told New Hampshire voters she’d do just that – negotiate with Iran ‘with no conditions.’ Now, her spokesman suggests that’s not what she meant. But you can’t have it both ways – on this or any other issue.” – Edwards campaign statement

Elizabeth Edwards returns to New Hampshire to talk health care

On Sunday and Monday, Elizabeth Edwards returned to New Hampshire to talk with NH voters about John Edwards’ plan to guarantee truly universal health care. Elizabeth visited house parties in Concord, Plymouth, Lincoln and Candia. She was also a guest at the ‘Women Making a Difference’ forum in Amherst.

Plymouth Record Enterprise: Elizabeth Edwards makes the case for the campaign (subscription only)


John Edwards removes his name from Michigan ballot

This week, John Edwards joined Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden and Dennis Kucinich in removing their names from the Michigan ballot. Edwards’ decision was the result of his commitment to the New Hampshire primary and the early state process, where candidates can’t just throw money at the nomination, they have to come look voters in the eye and answer tough questions about the issues. In removing his name from the Michigan ballot, Edwards is honoring the four state pledge he signed earlier this year, in which he agreed not to campaign or participate in any state aside from New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada that holds a primary or caucus before February 5, 2008.

John DiStaso/Union Leader: Hillary “weasling” on pledge?


AP: Clinton defends decision to stay on Michigan primary ballot


Union Leader editorial: Clinton’s ‘is’ moment: Who cares what words mean?


Nashua Telegraph: Clinton returns fire over Michigan primary



This weekend we welcome John Edwards back to New Hampshire for his 15th trip to the Granite State. Edwards will be delivering a major speech on returning government to regular people in Keene on Saturday (and taking questions after the speech!). He’ll then visit Goffstown, Hopkinton and Northfield for town hall events. On Sunday, Edwards will accept the endorsement of a major national environmental group (the first national environmental group to endorse!) in Dover and then attend house parties in Dover, Hampton and Hudson.

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