Edwards Campaign Weekly Backgrounder - October 19, 2007

Happy Friday from JEFP-NH, where we don't believe Bill Gardner when he says he'll kill us if we tell you when the prima...

The Week in Review

Senator Edwards was in town last weekend for a series of Graniteroots house parties and town halls. He kicked off the trip on Saturday with a speech in Keene about reforming our government and putting Washington back to work on behalf the American people again.

On Sunday, Senator Edwards picked up the endorsement of Friends of the Earth at a house party in Dover. The campaign continued to build momentum today as Maine Congressman Mike Michaud endorsed John Edwards for President.

Maine Congressman Mike Michaud Endorses John Edwards for President

MSNBC/National Journal – One mill worker for son of another


Congressman Mike Michaud , a former Great Northern Paper mill worker, who now represents the northern part of Maine, endorsed Edwards today. … “Edwards has a message,” Michaud said. “He comes from the same background that I came from, a working-class background. He understands issues facing working class men and women."

Edwards Proposes Bold Reforms to Clean Up our Government

NH Union-Leader – Edwards calls for limits on special-interest money


Decrying the role of money in politics, John Edwards yesterday unveiled a plan to limit donations by special-interest groups, and criticized fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accepting contributions from lobbyists and political action committees.

"Money is corrupting our democracy," the former North Carolina senator and 2004 vice presidential candidate said. "We can either accept it or demand change ... America needs a leader who will not accept corruption in Washington."

Concord Monitor – Edwards wants to cut lobbyists off


In Keene, Edwards said he would ban lobbyist donations in federal races and called for an expansion in public campaign financing that would give greater weight to small contributions. He called for extending public financing to Congressional campaigns and reducing the maximum an individual can donate to a campaign from $2,300 to $1,000. Donations of less than $100 would be matched 8-to-1, while each $1,000 donation would be matched $800, thus making two $100 donations as valuable to a campaign as a single $1,000 donation.

Keene Sentinel – Just say no to big money? In Keene, Edwards unveils campaign finance plan (subscription only)


For too long, the Congressional chambers in Washington, D.C., have felt like one big auction hall, according to presidential hopeful John Edwards — its members have been sold to the highest bidder.

Foster’s Daily Democrat – Edwards proposes ban on lobbyist contributions


Friends of the Earth Endorse John Edwards for President

Portsmouth Herald (AP) – On the stump: Edwards picks up key endorsement


In endorsing Edwards, the president of Friends of the Earth Action said he was particularly impressed by how early in the campaign Edwards laid out proposals to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050, push for a global climate change treaty, and create 1 million new jobs by investing in clean, renewable energy. In doing so, Edwards has pushed other candidates to either match or improve upon his ideas, said Brent Blackwelder, who announced the endorsement with Edwards at a house party in Dover.

The Week Ahead

On Tuesday, we welcome John Edwards back to New Hampshire for a town hall with students at Merrimack High School. We'll also have Elizabeth Edwards in the Granite State on the 26th and 27th, before Senator Edwards, Emma Claire and Jack join her for a four day swing with the whole family the 28th through 31st. Keep an eye out for more details on the trip coming this week.