Edwards for President Weekly Backgrounder, July 20, 2007

Greetings from JEFP-NH, where we’re pretty sure we know how the last Harry Potter novel will end, but we promise not to tell.

Week in Review

Road to One America Tour

This week, John and Elizabeth Edwards embarked on a three-day, eight-state tour designed to shine a light on the crisis of poverty in this country. The tour was an overwhelming success and generated national conversation about an issue that affects 37 million Americans, yet is too often ignored.

EJ DIONNE: Edwards “has already changed the national conversation on a crucial issue. Poverty is no longer a hidden subject in American politics.”



WALL STREET JOURNAL : Still, on issue after issue, Mr. Edwards has been the first to stake out where the party's consensus message seems to end up. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB118489677980072602.html

TIME MAGAZINE : “His passion had been building since the night before in Pittsburgh, as he weaved stories from the past two days into his remarks and brought into sharp focus the themes of his poverty tour: That it is wrong for millions of Americans to have no medical care. That it is wrong for millions of Americans to work full time yet live in poverty. And on Wednesday he began linking the problems of the poor to the economic anxieties of the middle class in a way he had not often done over the previous two day s.”


THE ECONOMIST: “His policy ideas are shaping the Democratic presidential race.” http://www.economist.com/world/na/displaystory.cfm?story_id=9514336

Second NH TV Ad

This week we went on the air with our second television ad here in New Hampshire. The ad, entitled “30 years” is the first of the campaign to feature Elizabeth Edwards. In the 30 second spot, Elizabeth offers a glimpse into the strength of her 30-year marriage and the core values that define and drive her husband. The ad also reflects Elizabeth’s time on the campaign trial, where she often talks about the core of his character – his desireto fight for others – inspiring him to run for public office. “30 Years” will run on broadcast state-wide and is the next piece of the Edwards campaign’s continued efforts to expand its New Hampshire operation.

Watch the ad here: http://www.johnedwards.com/nh/ 


AP: Elizabeth Edwards Featured in New Campaign Ad http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2007/07/18/elizabeth_edwards_featured_in_new_campaign_ad/


20 Debate Watch House Parties Across the State

Not only are we expanding on the air, we continue to expand our grassroots operation on the ground here in New Hampshire every day. This week , we announced the 20 debate watch house parties our campaign has organized across the state in advance of Monday’s CNN/YouTube debate in Charleston, South Carolina. The house parties will be an opportunity for New Hampshirevoters to watch the debate and discuss John Edwards’ plans and ideas with their neighbors and fellow community members. If you are interested in attending any of the debate watch parties, please contact Kate Bedingfield at 603 218 9838 or at kbedingfield@johnedwards.com

The Week Ahead

Policy Forum Roundtables

Next week, we welcome National Campaign Manager Congressman David Bonior and senior campaign policy staff to New Hampshire to hold a series of policy forums with New Hampshire voters. The forums will focus on Iraq, veterans’ issues, the environment, health care and disability issues and will allow New Hampshire voters the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with the senior policy staff who help advise Senator Edwards.

The forums are free and open to both the public and the press. For a forum schedule or to RSVP to attend, please contact Kate Bedingfield at 603 218 9838 or at kbedingfield@johnedwards.com.

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