Edwards for President Weekly Backgrounder, July 27, 2007

Happy Friday from JEFP-NH, where we hope each and every one of you in the NH press corps have been studying hard, because there’s going to be a pop quiz not only on our policy forums this week, but on our tax policy rollout, as well.

The Week in Review
NH Policy Forums

This week we welcomed our national campaign manager Congressman David Bonior and our senior foreign and domestic policy staff to New Hampshire for a series of five policy forums across the state. The forums focused on Iraq, veterans’ issues, the environment, health care and disability rights and took place from Manchester to Concord to Portsmouth to Dover.

The forums drew big crowds of New Hampshire voters who were eager to discuss John Edwards’ specific policy proposals with our staff. Voters shared their personal stories and their thoughts on these issues that are fundamental to Edwards’ campaign for change. Our national staff left New Hampshire with a lot of personal insight and thoughtful commentary to share with John Edwards.

John and Elizabeth Edwards visit New Hampshire

John and Elizabeth Edwards are in New Hampshire July 27th, 28th and 29th for a trip that will take them to 13 house parties and events across the state. Full schedule at: http://www.johnedwards.com/nh/events

BlueHampshire.com praised the schedule this week because “[t]he number of out-of-the-way towns [the Edwardses] are hitting is pretty extraordinary. If you're in a traditionally unvisited pocket of the state youmight want tocheck out their schedule. Not the same old, same old locations at all.”

Portsmouth Herald, 7/27/07: “The campaign of Democratic presidential contender John Edwards is setting a blistering primary pace in the Granite State.

After a week of issue-based forums throughout the state — on topics ranging from veteran's affairs to global warming to reforming the country's disabilities laws — the 2004 vice presidential nominee and former North Carolina senator and his wife Elizabeth will criss-cross and cover 13 locations in three days spreadinghis populist campaign message.”

No Splitting Hairs at the CNN/YouTube Debate

On Monday, our campaign debuted a new video at the CNN/YouTube debate entitled “What Really Matters.” Set to the tune of “Hair,” the video takes on a subject the press loves to dwell on – a haircut – and asks what really matters to the 45 million Americans without health care, the 37 million in poverty, the soldiers serving overseas who don’t have adequate body armor, and to the countless middle class families who may not struggle to get by, but do struggle to get ahead.
The video has been viewed almost 150,000 times on YouTube since Monday night. To see the video, click here: http://johnedwards.com/hair/

Edwards gave a commanding performance in the debate by offering strong, unwavering positions on the issues and conveying the passion and conviction that are driving his run for the White House. New Hampshire voters responded, and Edwards won the post-debate New Hampshire dial group: http://www.messagejury.com

Unveiling a Tax Policy that Rewards Work, not Wealth

This week, John Edwards also unveiled a bold economic plan designed to restore fairness, reform America’s tax code and reward hard work. Edwards spoke with some New Hampshire media yesterday about his plan. To see the full plan: http://www.johnedwards.com/news/press-releases/20070726-economic-plan/

The Week Ahead

Next week kicks off with John Edwards in New Hampshire for day three of his and Elizabeth’s trip around the state. Also, look for a couple of announcements next week from JEFP-NH about the growth and expansion of our Granite State campaign!

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