Fred Thompson For President Appoints NH Veterans Chairman

MANCHESTER, NH - The Friends of Fred Thompson announced today the appointment of David J. Kenney as Veterans Chairman of the New Hampshire presidential campaign.

Kenney is currently a Commander in the United States Navy Reserve. He served in a variety of active duty roles from 1975 to 1979. His military experience includes work in communications, information technology and security, and recruiting.

He is the current President of the Reserve Officers Association for the State of New Hampshire and Senior Officer of the Navy Funeral Honors Detail for New Hampshire. He is employed as an independent information technology consultant for local businesses and as an adjunct professor at Franklin Pierce University, teaching MIS and business courses.

Kenney has served as an advisor on veterans’ affairs to former New Hampshire Congressmen Jeb Bradley and Charlie Bass and worked for Veterans for Bush in 2000.

He will advise the New Hampshire campaign on veteran and military issues and will coordinate veterans’ campaign activities throughout the state.