Future Democratic Presidential Candidate Dal LaMagna Heads to Iraq

Washington, DC -- Most democratic Presidential candidates will spend this weekend in New Hampshire debating one another and talking about what they would do if they were President. Dal LaMagna is heading to both Amman, Jordan and Iraq to demonstrate what he would be doing if he were President - working to end the violence in Iraq.   

LaMagna says, "The road to the White House is through Iraq" and that is where he will be.   Upon his return, he will make an official announcement at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. that he will enter the presidential race on the Democratic ticket.

Last week an email announcement to his friends and acquaintances announced his intention to run and stated, "Instead of traveling the country shaking hands and visiting diners, Dal intends to continue working to stop the violence in Iraq.   He'll be traveling to Iraq where he hopes to cut through the Gordian knot and help facilitate an end to the violence."  He hopes to accomplish this by meeting with U.S. soldiers, Iraqi citizens, members of the Iraqi Parliament, sectarian leaders, and representatives of the Resistance.

His message to the Resistance will be - Stop the violence, work towards a ceasefire, and concentrate on al-Qaeda.  His message to the Shia and Sunnis will be the same.  He will also meet with U.S. soldiers and ask them what message they want brought back to the American people.

As a private citizen, LaMagna hopes that those he meets will provide him with more information about the Iraqi perspectives on the current war.  He hopes the conversations will be two-way communications and that the Iraqi parliamentarians will choose to continue their work and get the violence under control before they adjourn for vacation.

His interest in Iraq and his commitment to finding a way to end the violence has occupied much of his recent life.

October 4, 2005 - LaMagna is the executive producers of The Ground Truth, a powerful film looking at the effects of war beyond the political, one that highlighted the process of turning a man into a soldier, another that shows the poor treatment by our government of the returning troops.

June,  2006 - Executive Producer of The War Tapes, "a moving, complicated movie filmed exclusively by the soldiers on the ground that illuminates, with heartbreaking clarity, some of the human actuality of this long, confusing war," according to a New York Times review.  
July 2006 -Executive Producer of Iraq for Sale, a film that highlighted the corporate profiteering during war - a subject the Houston Chronicle said "Congress won't face." The Chicago Tribune said it was a film that "connect[ed] all the dots, laying out in a fairly straightforward way what we've been vaguely aware has been going on."
August 2006 - Travels to Amman, Jordan with a peace delegation to listen to members of the Iraq Parliament, Sheiks, and torture victims.  He videotaped the interviews and then produced the Iraq Reconciliation Plan which succinctly outlines the Iraqis plans for resolving the crisis.  
November 8, 2006 - Travels again to Amman, this time with Congressman Jim McDermott, to listen to members of the Iraq Parliament,  Dulaym Sheiks, and public officials from throughout the Middle East.   Produces 353 pages of transcripts and a Power Point presentation.   McDermott and LaMagna use it to brief members of Congress.
April, 2007 - Produces a Live Video Conference between six  Nationalist Members of the Iraq Parliament and nine members of Congress.
April 24, 2007 - Hosts Iraqi Parliament member, Mohammed al-Daini during al-Daini's recent visit to the U.S.

May 2007 - Sends personal letter to friends and acquaintances about plans to run for President and launches his campaign Web site. Almost immediately, the media begins to report his candidacy.

June 2007 - Flies to Amman. This time, his itinerary also includes Iraq - outside the Green Zone to learn first hand what solutions Iraqis have for ending the war.