Global Warming or Global Governance DVD

Release date for the Global Warming or Global Governance DVD is the first week of July. Those who have reviewed it have said that it is one of the most powerful DVDs on this subject that not only tells the other side of the story, but explains why tens of billions of dollars have been spent creating the "science" supporting man-caused global warming.

The DVD contains interviews of dozens of scientists, experts and knowledgeable politicians with abundant graphics to illustrate what is being said. Want to see a trailer from it? Go to our web site

Dr Coffman is CEO of Sovereignty International which is the organization sponsoring this production. The cost to obtain a copy of this terrific DVD is a donation to Sovereignty International, Inc. (SII) of $15.00 add $2.00 for shipping and handling for a total of $17.00.

Dr. Coffman has been working on this since January.  Some comments from reviewers are: "This is a production to be proud of"  -Stan of CA, "  "I understood the subject completely." -Criag of ME "Great job"-Henry of TN "Extremely powerful. Everyone needs to see this" -Al of Canada"You've picked the best of the best, I hope you have a way to distribute this in the thousands" Joe of MO