Gore supporters have their eye on the Nobel Prize

Gore supporters have their eye on the Nobel Prize

Press release from www.americaforgore.org

By Press Officer Eric Schiller



October 12, 2007

The legion of those who want to see Al Gore as President in 2009 are getting ready to act in the wake of Friday’s Nobel Prize announcement. Recent major media coverage has only fueled their efforts to get Gore on the ballot in as many states as possible, according to America for Gore (americaforgore.org), the public face of the nationwide movement, bringing together the many state, local and independent national movements.

The nationwide grassroots campaign isn’t waiting for an announcement. Nominating petitions are already circulating in several states, including Massachusetts, Michigan and California. Preparations have been made for petition drives in states whose deadlines don’t permit collection of signatures until a later date. Some filing deadlines are looming, especially in Michigan (October 23), but today candidates Obama, Edwards, Biden and Richardson have declared that they will not participate in Michigan’s early primary. The draft Gore movement expects to qualify Gore for all of the primaries, though some states require the candidate’s explicit approval.

Gore’s name recognition and ability to raise funds are so well established that his reluctance to spend over a year inactive campaigning will in no way hurt his chances for the nomination. Gore has consistently refused to endorse any of the early candidates and make any definitive statement stating he will not run. His positions on all major issues are already available in his best-selling book  Assault on Reason, so he doesn’t need extra time to share his views.

An early and consistent opponent of the war on Iraq and supporter of election reform and health care, Gore has enormous support among progressives, Democrats, Independents, and a growing number of Republicans. Nearly every poll including Gore at Daily Kos, the most prominent progressive blog, shows an overwhelming preference for Gore. Gore’s office has been flooded with requests that he run, including over 150,000 petition signatures collected by DraftGore.com and AlGore.org, and is awash in pennies sent in response to America for Gore’s “Two Cents Campaign”, which asks supporters to send two pennies with their letter to Gore expressing their view that America needs Al Gore to address the problems of the nation and the world. The campaign will continue until Gore accepts the challenge.

America for Gore appreciates the unpleasantness of the electoral process, but is confident that Gore, who had to with stand vicious Republican attacks in 2000, can win both the Democratic Primary and general election and will continue their campaign to bring him into the race. We are using the power of our voices to generate the energy needed to win. Draft Al Gore activists comprising nearly 200,000 petition signers, many of whom also have participated in our Two Cents campaign that has flooded Gore’s Nashville office, represent a substantial force that stands ready to support the candidacy of Al Gore with all needed resources. While we welcome all issue-based discussion, we are prepared to hit back hard when the inevitable swiftboaters launch their attacks and will not allow a repetition of 2000 or 2004, but will do whatever we have to in opposition to scurrilous attacks involving personal or irrelevant and unfounded smears.

Those interested in Gore’s possible candidacy can find information at www.americaforgore.org , the gateway to all the major draft Gore organizations. We represent the thousands of activists nationwide working to draft Al Gore and the millions of people nationally that know that Al Gore would be a great president and want him to join the race.