Gov Huckabee Progess Since Ames

I just arrived in New Hampshire to campaign.

Let me begin by sharing with you my thanks to everyone that made Ames possible. Whether you emailed friends and family about our campaign, made a contribution, volunteered your time or have been blogging on our behalf; each one of you made last Saturday a great success. Thank you!

Since Ames, each day has been a whirlwind of media appearances, telephone interviews and a flood of email. All of this attention has helped raise our campaign’s profile and given us a platform to discuss important issues like the Fair Tax, promoting music and the arts in our schools and preventative health care.

We have also had a wave of momentum online. Over one thousand first-time contributors to the campaign, three times the average level of website traffic we had prior to Ames, thousands of folks signing up for our campaign email updates and the list goes on.

My hope is that you will take a moment today to help us keep our online momentum going.

Here are three ways to help:

1. Find a friend, family member or co-worker and encourage them to make a small contribution $5, $10 or $15 in support of our campaign.

2. Become a regular reader of our campaign blog. Add it to your internet favorites and check it each day. We have a great web team and they update the blog frequently. It is the best resource for all things Huckabee online.

3. Make a contribution yourself for $25, $50, $75, $100 or even $250. After you make a contribution I encourage you to take another 60 seconds of your time and leave a comment on the campaign blog telling folks why you made the contribution. A challenge we have is to convince people to invest in our campaign. By leaving a comment after you contribute you will help us convince others to do so.

Let me also share with you one of the secrets to our success in Iowa: friends willing to tell friends about our campaign because we reached out to them personally and we discussed real issues. I can’t tell you how many hands I shook along the way, but I can tell you people appreciated that personal touch. Our focus hasn’t changed.

In the coming days we will continue to give you new and exciting ways to participate. I hope you will continue to support us as you have before, because we will succeed or fail based on your personal participation.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee