Gov Richardson Applauds California Democratic Party

SANTA FE, NM -- Governor Bill Richardson today praised the California State Democratic Party for passing a resolution calling on the Congress to de-authorize the Iraq War and begin the process of withdrawing US troops.

"I applaud the California Democratic Party for its bold statement. The party recognizes that the President will continue to defy the will of the Congress and the American people and pursue his failed policy in an attempt to find a military solution in Iraq where there is none.

"As I have been proposing for months, that the best way to end the war and get all US troops out is for Congress to de-authorize the war. The original resolution was passed on the basis of Saddam Hussein being in power and Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Saddam is gone and there are no WMD. As someone who served in Congress for 14 years, I know the power they hold should they choose to wield it.

Congress can pass a new resolution rescinding that authorization and ending the President's authority to wage the war. Then we can get all of our forces out of Iraq.

"Our troops in Iraq are targets. We do not honor those who have given their lives in this war by sacrificing more of our soldiers. It is time to bring our men and women home. Every one of them."