Gov Richardson Statement on New Mexico Senators’ Actions on Energy Bill

Richardson commends efforts by Jeff Bingaman, criticizes Senator Domenici and Republican efforts to kill key provisions

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson this afternoon issued the following statement regarding the actions of New Mexico's two US Senators in regard to the energy bill that passed the Senate last night.

"I commend Senator Jeff Bingaman, the Chair of the Energy Committee, for his efforts to make the energy bill something that would help initiate the dramatic change required to cut our dependence on imported oil and reduce global warming. Senator Bingaman strongly supported a number of critical pieces of the legislation including a reasonable renewable portfolio standard (RPS). Unfortunately his efforts were undone by Republicans who ultimately significantly weakened this important bill.

Senator Pete Domenici's leadership of a group of senators who won't allow even a weak RPS to be debated on the Senate floor is hostile not only to a sustainable energy future but also to New Mexico and western renewable energy producers who could expand their market. Why on earth is Senator Domenici supporting senators who are acting against the interests of his own state and region?

I am hopeful that the House of Representatives will be able to fix the energy bill and pass something that moves the nation closer to energy independence and responsible environmental stewardship."