Gov Richardson’s Foreign Policy Framework Published in Harvard International Review

Governor Richardson Outlines Plan for "New Realism" in Global Affairs, Emphasizes Need for International Cooperation


SANTA FE, NM -- New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's article on international affairs, detailing a changing world dynamic and the importance of the principles of "New Realism," has been published in the summer edition of the Harvard International Review.

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In the article, Richardson, a former ambassador to the United Nations, compiles his years of foreign policy experience into a comprehensive plan for dealing with 21st century problems, from terrorism to global warming. Richardson's plan, entitled "New Realism," calls for increased global cooperation and states, "No nation can defend its own interests without blending them with the interests of others and seeking common solutions to common problems."

Richardson identifies the six trends creating a new world dynamic: fanatical jihadism, the growing power of criminal networks, the rapid economic and military rise of India and China, the reemergence of Russia as a global power, increased economic global interdependence, and the globalization of health, environmental, and social problems such as HIV/AIDS. In the essay, Richardson explains the importance of recognizing these trends: "The US government needs to see the world as it really is -- so that the United States can lead others to make it a better, safer place." As President, Governor Richardson will work to adapt foreign policy as the global climate evolves so that the United States can spearhead the way toward a safer world for all.