Governor Mitt Romney Announces The New Hampshire Veterans Leadership Team

Boston , MA Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced the Romney for President New Hampshire Veterans Leadership Team comprised of 41 veterans representing all ten counties in the State. The New Hampshire Veterans Leadership Team will play an important role in helping to spread Governor Romney's message of strong, conservative values throughout the State.

"Since the founding of this nation, veterans have played an integral role in defending American values and our nation's security. Their sacrifice and devotion have provided each passing generation the opportunity to continue to spread America's message of hope and freedom. The support of these brave men and women will be crucial to my victory in the Granite State, and I am proud to have them on my team," said Governor Romney.

Leading Governor Romney's New Hampshire Veterans Leadership Team is Mike Moffett. A Marine infantry officer during Desert Storm in 1991, he is a member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. From 2001-2002, Moffett served on General Franks’ Central Command Operations Staff.

In a statement, Chairman Mike Moffett said, "As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney served as an invaluable champion of veterans' causes. We know that the Governor will continue to work tirelessly to guarantee that every veteran is honored for their service. He will be a strong Commander-in-Chief, and we will work together to make sure New Hampshire voters know he is the best candidate to lead our nation."

Romney For President New Hampshire Veterans Leadership Team Chair:

  • Mike Moffett, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

Romney For President New Hampshire Veterans Leadership Team Steering Committee:

Belknap County :

  • William Delong, Lieutenant JG, U.S. Navy
  • Gil Green, Colonel, U.S. Army
  • L. Michael Hatch, Hospital Corpsman, E3, U.S. Navy
  • Robert Krahulec, Captain, U.S. Air Force
  • Tim Moore, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army
  • Hon. George Twigg, Seaman, U.S. Navy

Carroll County :

  • Bill Jernberg, Commander, U.S. Navy
  • Eric Letendre, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
  • Hon. Harry Merrow, Airman First Class, U.S. Air Force

Cheshire County :

  • Hon. Steve Pelkey, U.S. Air Force

Coos County :

  • Willie Cowie, Senior Airman, U.S. Air Force

Grafton County :

  • Ed Cote, Corporal Specialist 4, U.S. Army
  • Mike Hayes, Sergeant, U.S. Army

Hillsborough County :

  • Hon. Don Dyer, SP4, U.S. Army
  • Hon. Ken Hawkins, Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Kent Nolan, Sergeant, U.S. Air Force
  • Dave Shaughnessy, Specialist, U.S. Army Reserves
  • John Sousa, Staff Sergeant, U.S. Air Force
  • Attorney Shawn Sweeney, Firecontrolman, Second Class, E5, U.S. Navy
  • Hon. Moe Villeneuve, Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army
  • Dr. Walter Wrobleski, Captain, U.S. Army Reserves

Merrimack County :

  • Michael Eaton, Sergeant
  • Hon. Charlie Humphries, Staff Sergeant, U.S. Air Force
  • Danny Webster, Sergeant, U.S. Army
  • Hon. Herb Whiting, Corporal, U.S. Army

Rockingham County :

  • Hon. David Dalrymple, Specialist Fourth Class, U.S. Army
  • Michael Flathers, Boiler Technician Third Class, U.S. Navy
  • Jim Galluzzo, Specialist Fourth Class, U.S. Navy
  • Jeff Hatch, First Sergeant, U.S. Army
  • Sheriff Dan Linehan, Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Hon. Mark Pearson, Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Hon. Bernard Raynowska, Motor Machinist Third Class, U.S. Navy
  • Attorney Jim Reams, Petty Officer Third Class, U.S. Navy
  • John Sangenario, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army
  • Brian Sharpe, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army

Strafford County :

  • Hon. Dunc Chaplin, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Hon. George Lovejoy, Petty Officer First Class, U.S. Navy
  • Gordon Page, Captain, U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers

Sullivan County :

  • Hon. Beverly Rodeschin, Petty Officer Third Class, U.S. Navy
  • Henry Rodeschin, Petty Officer Second Class, U.S. Navy