Graniteroots for John Edwards Canvasses NH Distributing Tree Saplings

Edwards’ national campaign manager Congressman David Bonior joined the canvass on Saturday and Sunday

(Manchester, NH) – On Saturday, September 15th, and Sunday, September 16th, the Graniteroots for John Edwards held canvasses across New Hampshire, where volunteers discussed Senator Edwards’ bold environmental policies and distributed tree saplings.  Edwards for President national campaign manager Congressman David Bonior participated in the canvass and help hand out tree saplings across the state

“This Graniteroots canvass is not just about discussing John’s bold plans to combat global warming, achieve energy independence, and create good paying jobs,” said Congressman Bonior.  “Giving out these saplings will also help get neighborstalking to neighbors about the steps we can all take in our own lives to protect our environment.”

The Graniteroots for John Edwards distributed 8,000 White Spruce saplings at canvasses throughout the state.

The White Spruce is a medium-sized evergreen tree that grows 60-90 feet tall on average.  It grows well throughout New Hampshire and New England, and is often used for erosion control and site reclamation because it is adaptable to a wide range of planting sites.