Greazzo Supporters to Hold Fundraiser


Campaign to focus on stronger, safer neighborhoods and tax relief

Supporters of Phil Greazzo will hold a fundraiser to benefit his campaign for Ward 10 Alderman on Tuesday, August 14th  from 5:00-8:00pm at Murphy's Tap Room located at 494 Elm Street in Manchester.

Greazzo's campaign will focus on establishing a strong community - neighborhoods where people know and help each other, not just where people live on the same street.

Greazzo, a long time political and civic activist in Manchester, is ready to get to work improving Ward 10 neighborhoods. "After more than five years of waiting, the Piscataquog River Trail has never been completed, the Second Street business district is in need of the same revitalization currently taking place up on Kelly Street, and after all these years there are still only three police officers dedicated to West Manchester," said Greazzo.

He continued, "Mayor Guinta's efforts and strides in the area of public safety are working. The spike we experienced in violent crime carried over from the previous administration has seen a drop of 17% this year alone. As your Alderman, I will work with the Mayor and public safety officials to see that the number of officers in West Manchester are doubled to ensure this trend continues."

While increasing public safety is a priority, Phil will also focus on keeping spending under control to reduce taxes and work with the school board to ensure that more of residents' tax dollars are spent in the classroom rather than on the administration.

The suggested donation is $25 but if you're a Ward 10 resident just interested in meeting this candidate, you are more than welcome to attend. For more information, feel free to contact Phil at 669-0494 or