Hillary Covering Serious New Hampshire Ground

As Hillary and Bill Clinton prepare to kick off the Fall campaign right here in New Hampshire this Sunday, NH for Hillary wanted to give you a quick update.

From grassroots house parties to detailed policy announcements, Hillary Clinton is continuing to impress at every stone fence she passes, back porch she stands on and New Hampshire voter she meets.

In the month of August, Hillary Clinton made her 12th and 13th trips to the Granite State. She
traveled to Derry, Portsmouth, Rochester, Lebanon, Warner, Concord and Manchester. During those visits, she delivered three policy speeches on important issues that matter to New Hampshire voters including how she will preserve the American dream of homeownership; rebuild America’s infrastructure and improve healthcare quality in America.

In addition to unveiling plans to help make real change happen when she is President, Hillary continued her conversation with New Hampshire voters by attending smaller house parties in Concord and Manchester. She also made a stop at the MainStreet Bookends in Warner and purchased “The Careful Use of Compliments” by Alexander McCall Smith. The word got out that Hillary was dropping by and nearly 300 people came out to see her.

Hillary also toured the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to speak with military leaders and union representatives about Shipyard operations.

Don’t Take Our Word for It:

On Hillary’s plan to address healthcare quality….

“I was extremely impressed with what she had to say. I felt like she was being very honest. And I got the impression that what she was saying, she really meant it.”

—Doctor at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, WMUR, 08/23/07

“She has a real depth of knowledge on the subject that impressed me. I never felt at any point that she was engaging in sound bytes.”

—Laura Patchett, Licensed Practical Nurse, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Campaigns and Elections, 08/23/07

"I think the team approach is really what resonated with me.”
—Samantha Harris, physical therapist at Dartmouth Hitchcock, Nashua Telegraph, 08/23/07

“It was very exciting and I think it's exciting for our community … I think patients who come to DHMC should be proud to know that at a national level the country is looking to (us) on where health care should go.”
— Dr. James Weinstein, Director of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, Valley News, 08/24/07

“I thought her message was what I call ‘patient centered' and it really addressed the issue that there is an economic advantage to doing things right. There really were options before us that were good options all around.”
—Dr. Mark Israel, Director of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. Valley News, 08/24/07

On Hillary’s plan to rebuild America…

"This is obviously well thought out and very comprehensive. I was impressed with the fact she was able to pull this together in such a short time since the tragedy in Minnesota."

—State Representative Judith Spang, Fosters Daily Democrat, 08/09/07

—State Representative Judith Spang, Fosters Daily Democrat, 08/09/07"I thought she gave a very serious policy proposal to deal with it. I'm glad she did."

—Susan Feldman, a philosophy professor, Fosters Daily Democrat, 08/09/07

—Susan Feldman, a philosophy professor, Fosters Daily Democrat, 08/09/07

“I'm looking for someone who can lead the country and lead the world ... and I see Clinton as having that ability."
—Rochester Mayor John Larochelle, Fosters Daily Democrat, 08/09/07


"She looked very distinguished."

—Mark White, Rochester, Fosters Daily Democrat, 08/09/07

—Mark White, Rochester, Fosters Daily Democrat, 08/09/07

On Hillary’s plan to protect the American dream of homeownership…

“Derry resident Bill Mafera said he thought Clinton picked an issue that needed addressing. His wife, Rachel, said she supports Clinton because she believes she'll make the country a better place to live for their 16 grandchildren. ‘I don't think that she could have picked a better topic,’”

—Bill Mafera, Derry, Union Leader, 08/08/07


“I'm from originally from Montgomery County, an area that has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. … When I visit my mother or grandparents, I see the affects of the subprime lending industry on my neighbors, friends, and hometown first-hand. Senator Clinton's steps are important, and I hope more of the presidential candidates join her on this soon.”

—Buckeyestateblog.com, 08/07/07

The Ready to Lead Must Reads:

Clinton's Team Health Care Plan Resonates With Medical Professionals

Campaigns and Elections, 8/24/07


One aspect of Clinton's address that resonated with the medical professionals interviewed was her plan to allow doctors and other caregivers to collaborate on the care of a shared patient. Currently, doctors who treat the same patient for different issues are not working together because of the way the system is set up, said Clinton. By changing this "assembly-line" system of charging a patient for each separate medical visit, doctors, social workers and others could provide better service.

Clinton stresses diplomacy, toughness, Concord Monitor, 8/25/07


But if Clinton separated herself from other Democrats, she also distinguished herself from Republican candidates, stressing the need for diplomacy to quell anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world. ‘I guess I'm somewhere in between here,’ Clinton said. ‘I think we've got to do a lot more in reaching out and being smarter about how we connect with people than some Republicans do, but I think it's a very serious and real threat.’

Clinton unveils plan to repair America – Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/9/07


Sen. Hillary Clinton sought to challenge, inspire and educate voters Wednesday when she unveiled a layered plan to fix the "silent crisis" that is America's deteriorating infrastructure.

With a catalog of facts to choose from, the Democratic presidential primary candidate introduced a series of initiatives to address funding, construction and improvement constraints that she said were plaguing security and economic growth.

Clinton Announces Plan to Reduce Foreclosures – WMUR, 8/7/07


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton unveiled a four-point plan Tuesday that she said would bring down the growing rate of foreclosures.

Speaking to supporters in Derry, Clinton said that the lack of affordable homeownership is a growing problem nationwide. In New Hampshire, there were 150 foreclosures last year, but in the first six months of this year, the number jumped to more than 1,400 foreclosures, according to state officials.

NH for Hillary Walking It to Win It Numbers:

Last weekend, NH for Hillary held its fourth Walk in to Win It weekend with a total of 46 grass roots events and Women’s Equality Day celebrations on Saturday and Sunday. It was a huge success! Over 100 volunteers participated in canvassing and phone banks and we reached out to over 18,000 voters.