Huckabee Campaign Announces 1500 Donations in 10 Days program

Last week was a good week--actually a GREAT week.

Two well respected polls showed our campaign is gaining ground (4 percentage points each) in New Hampshire and South Carolina (in South Carolina we have pulled statistically even with Senator McCain). And in Iowa we opened up our campaign headquarters in downtown Des Moines to great news -- our campaign in Iowa according to a recent poll has moved ahead of Senator McCain.

Reviews from the debates continue to conclude that our campaign catapulted above the others and moved into the "top tier."

Help us keep this momentum going.

The next big moment for our campaign will come in the form of a June 30 fundraising report, which will serve as some measure of our growing momentum. We think that such reports fail to tell the whole story, but it will be viewed as a measure.

On the ideas front we are winning this campaign, but we also need to demonstrate that since the debates we have been gaining ground financially.

So with 10 days to go, we are laying out our toughest fundraising challenge. 1500 contributions in 10 days.

I know I will be on the phones asking folks to contribute as will everyone else on our campaign team, but that won't be enough. I need you to literally "be on the team" in the next few days and take some ownership of this challenge.

Begin by making a personal contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, or even $25.

Last weekend in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our host at one of our events indicated that he and his wife had both given the maximum allowed by law and challenged others to join them in doing that. He said, "Go to the Huckabee website and use your credit card--borrow if you have to! You borrow to buy your house, your car, even your personal things by using your credit card. You are spending today for your future housing or transportation. Surely the future of your country and the country your children will live in is important enough to borrow if you have to!" I must say that in all my years of political events, I've never heard a more compelling appeal to invest in a campaign for President.

Whatever the size of your contribution--from a federal maximum to a minimum you are willing to give, your joining friends and like-minded conservatives across the nation in these next 10 days is what is important.

At the end of May when we launched our first barber pole fundraising campaign, we had over 400 first-time contributors in four days. To reach 1500 contributions in 10 days it will likely take twice as many first-time contributors as well as a number of people contributing for a second or even a third time.

We are gaining ground. By anyone's evaluation, the only thing keeping us from vaulting to the top right now is the need for funds. Political analyst Frank Luntz said recently on Fox News Channel that “Huckabee's answers in the debates sent the meters off the charts and had the most significant impact among voters” he tested as voters reacted to the New Hampshire debate.

Up until now, our momentum has been on the strength of our ideas alone. Now in key states where organization can make a difference we need to invest and demonstrate that we are building momentum on the strength of a growing grassroots team.

You gift TODAY matters. Be as generous as you can be, but act with urgency to help us with the June 30 deadline before the next report.  A contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, $25 or even $10 will help our campaign reach our goal.  The amount isn't as important as your participation. 

I wouldn't ask you to contribute today, if I didn't know how important it is to our campaign to be able to demonstrate strong, growing financial support.

Thank you in advance for your support.

With deep gratitude,