Huckabee Campaign - Debate Reaction

In case you missed yesterday's Republican Presidential debate or haven't had the time to follow the news today, we wanted to be sure you saw some of the commentary regarding Governor Huckabee:

Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post: "Judged by who can offer a serious approach to economic policy, the hands-down winner in the Republican race so far is Huckabee, who combines intelligence, candor and comfortable familiarity with the issues and a practical approach anchored in solid conservative beliefs."

Amber Arellano of the Detroit News: "Huckabee offered up sensible policy ideas on energy and terrorism. He also scored major points among many of us in the Rustbelt -- and anyone concerned about the downward economic pressure on the Middle Class -- when he pointed out the future need for unionism."

Blogger Bull Dog Pundit from Ankle Biting Pundits: "Mike Huckabee: Another good performance. Like McCain he really taps into the economic anxiety that many people feel, especially in Michigan. I almost wish Huckabee had more money, because I think he could compete with the big boys and give them a run."

Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone: "That Mike Huckabee hasn’t caught just a little bit of fire is a mystery to me. He’s charming and funny, and always seems reasonable..."

David Brody, "Mike Huckabee was good tonight. He struck many populist themes and his trademark humor was on display. What may have been the key moment tonight for him though was his answer on congressional war approval. He made clear that he would be decisive in determining what to do if war was imminent. Huckabee was forceful in his answer."

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I have also included some additional links to information below.

Chip Saltsman
National Campaign Manager

Additional Information:
1)  Governor Huckabee was asked a question about the FairTax yesterday. See Gov. Huckabee discuss the FairTax in a more detailed fashion here.

2)  Governor Huckabee was also asked a question about trade. Read a recent blog post from Gov. Huckabee discussing trade with China.

3)  Governor Huckabee was asked a question about ethanol. Click here to learn more about his stance on energy issues.