Huckabee Campaign Update: Mark Your Calendars, Grassroots and more...

Last week was a busy week for our campaign. Vertical Day kicked things off with a great discussion of the issues. We had a record level of website traffic. Signed up lots of new supporters and saw our online donations jump. Governor Huckabee also participated in the PBS Debate in Baltimore and then traveled to New Hampshire for a couple of days of great campaigning.

A special thanks to everyone that made a financial contribution last week.  Our growth nationally and in other key states has been fueled in part because of your financial support.  Thank you!

I will send another update soon. I have included some important information below, some recent news and some action items.

Chip Saltsman
National Campaign Manager

Mark your calendars
Looking ahead, the Governor will be attending the Republican Presidential Debate in Michigan on October 9.

The weekend of October 20-21 will be a busy one for the campaign and it's supporters. On October 20, we will kickoff our grassroots efforts nationally with a "Walk for Mike." More details to follow. Then on October 21st while Governor Huckabee is participating in the Republican Presidential Debate in Florida we are encouraging every Huckabee supporter to host their own "I Like Mike" Debate Party. Again, more details to follow.

Grassroots Tools
I encourage every blogger, folks with a personal website and/or a MySpace page to add B.0.B (Build Our Base) 1.0 to their blog, website or MySpace page. B.O.B is a get-out-the-vote widget and a simple way to make your blog/website/MySpace page a grassroots headquarters for Mike Huckabee.

B.O.B links to downloadable pdfs of a door hanger, push card, a "Mike on the Issues" handout and a "Meet Mike" handout.

We are adding new grassroots handouts to our Downloads page this week. So check back frequently.

The return of the online Iowa HQ and a new, online New Hampshire HQ are coming soon.

In the News
-Mike Huckabee Gains National Momentum.

-Instapundit interviews Mike Huckabee.

-Concord Monitor:  Preaching, not politics.

Action Items
-Volunteer.  If you live in Iowa and are interested in Volunteering for the campaign, please complete this form. (Please note we will be adding and promoting a national Volunteer signup form later this week)

-Demand Gov. Huckabee in your hometown.