Huckabee Campaign Update: Meetup, Washington Briefing, Fundraising Match

Momentum is really building for our campaign. We added our 2,000th Volunteer late last night and more keep signing up. Not bad for 48 Hours. A special thanks to everyone that has volunteered. Governor Huckabee will follow up with an email to each Volunteer soon with more specifics.

If you haven't yet volunteered, I urge to consider doing so today by completing this form.

Here are some important action items for the campaign this weekend:

1) Create or Join a Meetup near you. The campaign is now using "Meetup" an online tool to organize Volunteers and Supporters near you. To learn more about this, click here. Ten Meetup Groups have already started. I expect we'll have hundreds by this time tomorrow! Go Huckabee supporters!

2) Tomorrow night Governor Huckabee is attending a fundraiser in Arkansas with some old friends which will raise $20,000. Between now and midnight on Sunday we want to match the money raised in Heber Springs with online contributions from supporters like you. We will post the results of our efforts on the blog. Every person that contributes will have their name, city and state listed on our blog (we will keep the amount between us). If we fail, everyone will know. If we succeed, it will be because people made a contribution of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 of even $1,000 online. Make your contribution before midnight on Sunday!

3) If you live near Washington, DC I ask that you consider attending the Family Research Council's Washington Briefing Oct. 19-20 to show your support for Mike Huckabee. A blogger in DC, K Street Mole has more information on the event for Huckabee supporters. You can find out more by clicking here.

Another update soon.

Chip Saltsman
National Campaign Manager