Huckabee Campaign Update: New Polls, New Video, News and more

A quick campaign update from Iowa.  We had a great event on Friday night at the Surf Ballroom with hundreds of Huckabee supporters in attendance to see Governor Huckabee play with his band Capitol Offense.  Governor Huckabee has spent the weekend campaigning in Iowa.  On Friday we passed Governor Romney in the Rasmussen Reports national tracking poll coming in at 12% to Governor Romney's 11%. 

Thanks to your financial support we are bulking up with staff for the final push.  We are in a good position heading into November and rising steadily.   Look for another update from me this week.  I encourage you to use the links below to keep up with the latest campaign news and to get involved.

Chip Saltsman, National Campaign Manager

NEWS AND VIDEO:  We encourage you to read the following news stories and view the latest video on

Video:  Some Things Are Not Negotiable.  This video was produced by a supporter.

Blog Post:  Response to the Wall Street Journal.

Article:  Time Magazine:  Huckabee feels the heat, but that's a GOOD thing...

Article:  RedState:  Evangelicals Flocking to Huckabee

Blog Post:  "Our Conservative Choice."  Prominent blogs Evangelical Outpost, Mere Orthodoxy, Between Two Worlds jointly endorsed Governor Huckabee this week.


 CONTRIBUTE:  We are $189,142 away from our goal of $1,034,487 raised online in October.  Help us make up the difference.  Reaching this goal will give the campaign the ability run campaign commercials in key states such as Iowa.  Reaching this goal will allow us to provide campaign materials to our Volunteers on the ground.

Make a contribution of $1 (a buck for Huck!), $5, $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, $500 or even $1,000.  With your help we can reach our goal.

If you are on the fence about contributing or have never made a contribution before, I encourage you to read the comments from supporters that have made a contribution towards our goal (many for the first time!). 

ORGANIZE:  We encourage you to start a Meetup in your hometown.  Meetups are a great way to meet with other Huckabee supporters and organize support for Governor Huckabee in your local area.

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